Monday, January 26, 2009

9 months old!

Holy Smokes how is this possible? this one came up Quick!

(last month)

Ok lets see what is Kenron upto lately..
Well he can army crawl REALLY fast.
He can now crawl on his hands and knees, but reverts back to the army crawl if he wants to get there in a hurry.
He also started doing this halarious thing when he crawls on the tile...He crawls on hands and feet.. its so goofy looking, and its only on tile.

He is pulling up on EVERYTHING: the garbage, your pants, the gate, the office desk, chairs, his toys, etc. and he's quick too!
Everyone who sees him says,"He'll be walking before you know it" I believe it.

Kenron and Mat have continued their love affair :)
Kenron just adores Mat. Kenron is finally big enough that Mat is able to get down and wrestle and play with Kenron and its so cute it hurts. When Mat walks through the door his whole face lights up and he starts jumping! (ok bouncing..)

Kenron LOVES apple juice, and Ravioli (hence the ravioli face in the 9 mo. pic) He is still such a happy baby. I cant believe it sometimes.
Kenron also got a new President this month. He welcomed him with a wave. Its been a busy month, its flown by. I cant believe its almost February. 3 more months and he will be one year old. Yikes time flies.
Thats the end.

Monday, January 12, 2009

love her...

my fav. annie lennox posted this...

I'm such a nerd I have a picture of her as an ornament on my tree. That's right I said it.