Friday, June 27, 2008

A Comparison...

This week...

25 years ago.. with me

almost 50 years ago.. with Dad..

Cute huh? Quite a change in hairstyles! I still think she looks just as young now!

Visit to Trisha's with Great Grammie Cross

Kenron's first time to see his Great Grammie Cross

She came right out to the car to see him!! (not me ;) hehe)

It was my first time to meet Blake, my cousin Trish's youngest boy. What a cutie! He's sitting with his Dad Rob...Somehow I didn't get a picture of Trish... but grammie got some good ones I'll have to steal :)

Skylar and I were good buddies, whenever a camera was brought out he would say, "CHEESE, CHEESE!" so I took a CHEESE picture with him and this is what we got... hahaha

Skylar was SO sweet to Kenron, he got lots of kisses.. this was my attempt to catch him giving a kiss.. oh well :) Kenron liked him too.. I'll post a video of it later :)

Here's grammie with her two youngest great grand sons!

and, OF COURSE, as I'm trying to leave Kenron decides to make his first HUGE blow-out on my was pretty funny :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

some smiles

this is what I got today...

2 months old!

YIKES!!! Look how much I've grown!!!!

oh man our big boy is officially 11.5 lbs and 23" today! We had his appointment this morning...which meant he had shots this morning :( He actually did pretty good. He screamed for all 3 shots, but the nurse was quick and he calmed down the second I picked him up. I gave him some tylenol before we went (thanks for the tip Trish!) so it wouldn't be so achy.

He's gained 5lbs, and 3" since he was born.

Just in one week he's been smiling a lot more, and even laughing some.

He's cooing a bit now and Me and Mat can't get enough!! We just keep laughing at him and then he does it more!! What a cutie, I could just eat him up.

Lately sometimes when he's fussy, he doesn't stop when I pick him up, I figured out he wants me to talk to him.. no joke Mat witnessed it. He brightens right up when you talk to him face to face. You dont think he's his mother's child do you? haha

He's also been starting to sleep 6 hours! and then 4 more after that pretty consistently. It's been nice. He sleeps good during the day too.

And I'm officially 6 pound lighter than when I GOT pregnant with him.. thanks breastfeeding!

We're headed to my cousin Trisha's house tomorrow so Kenron can meet his Great Grammie Cross.. so we should have more great pics when we get back!

7 Weeks old

Kenron can SMILE! We caught him smiling (finally) on camera.. its so hard to catch.. I have him on video.. but I had the camera turned sideways and I haven't figured out how to turn it around to put it on youtube..

This is Kenron with my Auntie Kelly, Aiden, and Ivy.

Kenron can hold his head up pretty good now, its still a bit wobbly but he's getting stronger and stronger.

He smiles, but not really consistently.. and he started sleeping 5 hours at a time at night.. wahoo!

He graduated to size 1 diapers at 6 weeks. His hair is growing in really good on the top of his head.. his hair looks much more even all over now.

People keep commenting on how "Tan" he is.. its funny to me. He has a lovely color, and its definately from the Tremblays, but you can't tell because Mat is so white :) Mat got Becky's coloring, not Ron's.

He's growing like a weed.. we'll see how big he is at his appointment next week.

Visit with Summer

Part of the reason I went to visit Grammie and Papa was to see Summer... Her mom lives a few streets over from my auntie Kelly (ivy and aiden's mom) who lives 5 minutes away from Grammie.. So it's nice to meet in Memphis instead of driving 12 hours to Nashville. It was my first time to meet Macy, and Summer's first time to see Kenron! Macy was born about 2 and a half weeks before Kenron.

Sometimes I feel silly taking pictures with Summer because I tower over her... I'm even slouching in the above picture ..

you like the "urp" on my shirt? hehe thanks Kenron.

Cute babies..

Summer and Kenron.. I love her new Hair cut! These were taken at Summer's folk's house.. they've worked really hard on their backyard, its so beautiful!

Maybe someday Kenron and Macy will be friends at Ganderbrook :)

Visit to Mac's

Here is Kenron with his Great Grammie Mac

Here he is talking to his Great Papa Mac at breakfast.

Ivy is my cousin and she LOVED to hold Kenron, she was so cute to try and rock him if he got fussy, and was VERY interested when I changed his diaper :) We talked about how boys look different from girls.. and she said "that's ok mine looks like that.." hehehe she's so sweet to make Kenron not feel different in a house full of girls ;)

Kenron smiled HUGE at Aiden the first day we got there. She's also my cousin...Emma is their older sister and we missed seeing her, but I'm sure she had a great time at girl scout camp.

Kenron went "swimming" for the first time there. The water wasn't very cold and he pretty much slept through the whole thing.. what a funny kid.

This is our silly boy when we went shopping.. Mac and I literally couldn't stop laughing at him..

Here's the youngest grand kids with the first Great grand kid. I'm the first grandchild, and Claire is the last.. were the beginning and end of an Era :)

Happy Father's Day!

When I wanted to take a fathers day picture, Mat said, "Lets take it in the kitchen with all my boys".. meaning taking a picture infront of the pictures of David and Isaac we have in the kitchen.. I love that Mat.

Thanks for taking such good care of us.
You mean the world to me birdie.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

6 weeks old...

Well here is Mat reading to Kenron for the FIRST time (yes, I was NOT one of those mom's who read to her baby in utero..).. he was REALLY fussy..

And then he really liked his Dad reading to him... Mat's so sweet.

Kenron actually had been getting REALLY fussy in the afternoons, and I knew that baby's can get fussy at his age in the evenings.. so I thought he's just weird and gets fussy in the afternoon.. THEN I get an email from (which I love :)) and I see a little link that says, "how much should my baby sleep?" hmm I wonder, so I clicked on it.. and low and behold I have been sleep depriving my baby! oops! no wonder he was fussy! I had just taken for granted that he would sleep when he was sleepy, cause that's what he had been doing.. but now that he's older and more alert, he needed me to be more purposeful in putting him down to sleep.. silly mom. So now things are wonderful again.

The weather has been WONDERFUL this week.. 70-80's but last week.. yikes it was hot.. here is Kenron helping me with the laundry. This was his outfit for a couple days.. he was asleep right before I took the pic :)

And this is our sweet boy on sunday morning.. I couldnt resist taking a picture, he is just so CUTE! I love those little shoes. Mat makes fun of me for putting shoes on him (he doesnt even need them!)but the ladies at church think they are so cute too :)


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Who do I look like?

The general consensus is he looks like me... But He looks a lot more like Mat than the boys did...I think he's a pretty good mix. Either way he is still so cute :)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Paw-Paw's sweater set

Here is Kenron in my Dad's sweater set...He's really starting to fill out :)
I added a few more pics to his second month album so you can see them all.

Look what we did :)

check out the photo album called "Photo shoot" You can see what we did this weekend! We had a photographer set up and that fell through so as I was pricing other photographers Mat (being the intelligent man/tight wad he is) said why don't we just do them ourselves? And I said (knowing my lazy Matthew) Will you really do it?? He said yeah.. and I said No, REALLY will you do it? like this weekend? we can make a date and do it? and he said yup! So he was true to his word and he helped me discover all the lovely tools Picasa has to help your pics look AWESOME! (thanks again Carrie for recommending it!) OK, so if you guys want copies of these, print off as many as you want, in whatever size you want... and if you cant figure out how email me and I will gladly help you! ENJOY!