Tuesday, April 22, 2008

37 weeks - Lots of Contractions

Well incase you hadn't heard we had a False Alarm on friday. I woke up early Friday morning with contractions and when I timed them they were 5 min. apart. I waited half and hour and then woke Mat up.. then when it had been over an hour we called. and then Dr. Stanely actually called me back and he said yes we should go to the hospital. So we went.. but the contractions slowed down and they decided to send me home. I was really disapointed, because I had started to get my hopes up. But it was ok. Mat was a good scrapbook husband and took pictures of me :)

Its been a little frustrating because I will have consistant contractions for about an hour and then they will die off.. Yesterday I was having fairly intense ones about 3 minutes apart.. but when that had happened for almost an hour they started slowing down again. bummer.

Here I am today. One week away from delivery.

This baby is getting pretty big! my belly is tight, he is filling up all corners and crevises :) hehe
I have an appointment tomorrow (Wednesday) so we'll see what the boss says about all this. Man its weird that there is only one week left. Ya-ya and pa-paw get here on Saturday! We cant wait!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kenron's Cousins

I've been getting all kinds of cute pictures in my inbox lately and I wanted to share the CUTE CUTE CUTE babies...

Here is my cousin Trish's boys Skylar and Blake:

Here is my cousin, (yes MY cousin) Claire:

Claire was born in Aug. and Blake was born the begining of Oct. I'm sure they will be good buddies for Kenron to play with!

I hope these brightened your day as much as they did mine!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

36 weeks - BUSY!

Man this week and last has been busy!! Everyday we've had lots of things to do...
- Finish Thank you cards
- change oil in silver car
- Finish the Baby bumper
- change oil in green car
- do the dishes
- Make Banana Bread before bananas go bad
- Wash ALL of Kenron's clothes and put them away in the room
- Go to Target and get rest of stuff we need
- Get stamps
- Drop off tubs to Shannon so she can pack
- Get Groceries
- Fit in a couple dates before baby is here
- Take the chairs apart and put them in storage
- Lower the wheels on the lawn mower...

Now, some of you know the trouble we have with our lawn. No matter how much we ignore it, give it dirty looks, leave all the lawn clippings on it so it will die.. IT WONT DIE! In fact it grows fast! faster than the other lawns on the street. We even get letters from the "pretty police" that say parts of your lawn are over 8.215" (no joke) and we will be charged $200 a day if its not taken care of. Well look what Mat found on Sat...

Oh yes.. some mutant dandelion. Can you see this thing! its surrounded by a unch of regular dandelions, and then has this one massive one in the middle.. Mat takes a picture of it because we mowed on Sat. But seriously we're convinced that we live on this toxic waste that makes our lawn grow RIDICULOUS Hybrid, Mutant Grass!

Here are a couple pics of my shower so you can see my belly! Kenron is getting very big! you can see him EVEN MORE from the outside now. I make Mat watch him in the evening when I swear he's doing jumping jacks/kick boxing/running in there. The book says he should be about 6+lbs. I was visiting with Pam at church(in the pic below) and she just stops and says.. "You are Getting HUGE!" "I know it.." " No really your HUGE!" hehe...
The Hostesses: Natasha, Pam, Deanna, Serena, Jean, Onawa, Me

LOOK AT THAT BELLY!! I had such a good time. We got a TON of stuff! and we had enough in gift cards to get all the other things we needed. Plus extra to get diapers later on. What a lucky and blessed boy Kenron is already!


Monday, April 7, 2008

Welcome Macy Grace!

This little cutie came on her due date! 4-4-08

Congradulations Summer, Rooster, and Owen!

Daddy Duty

Mat put our swing together for kenron...and Flexing for the Camera :)

TA-DAAHHHHHH!! cute huh? It plugs into the wall so we dont have to waste batteries!

Mat also said he would put together the hamper.. but when he opened the box it was already done for him! :) hehe

35 weeks - Medieval Fair!

Saturday morning was my baby shower. I dont have any pictures yet, but Jean, Deanna, Natasha and Aunti Shan took plenty! So I will post those later...

Saturday afternoon was the Medieval Fair!! Here we are watching the Sword Fighting.

When we got there we headed to the Joust. Gabriel liked watching the horses once they FINALLY came out. The announcer was a bit long winded. Mat was smart enough to remember to bring a folding chair for me so I was able to whip that out when we had a break and rest my bones.

We cruised around a bit, and I waited in the crazy line for the bathroom.. there was a sweet lady next to me (there was about 8 lines for the 8 pottys) She said very empathetically "oh you poor thing!" and I said well I figured there would be a line so I timed it so its not an emergency yet.." We chatted for a few minutes, and I couldnt stop smiling.. she had a lovely face, no make-up and LONG dark hair, and a young boy running around her ankles, Shorts and a tank top, and she had a she had a big sling that I'm sure she carried him on her hip with..and VERY unshaven legs.. and I couldnt stop smiling because I thought "you are so cute and Very VERMONT" hehe.

We were also on a mission to find a sword for Gabriel.. I knew Mat wanted to get him one, but we wanted to find the right size and age appropriate one.. after a while we finally did. Mat bought him two swords and Shea bought him two sheilds and boy were they a HIT!! We were making our way to the exit and we saw they had some sword fights going on, so we parked the strollers and I parked my butt in my seat and watched.

Here is a video of Gabriel watching them with his sword...

Is it me or could the "Ref" pass as Paw-Paw's brother? maybe twin? (click on the pic to enlarge)

34 weeks - Dinner at the Lindens

Mat watched "Cars" while the ladies were visiting..

Gabriel and Evey trying to share the toys...


cutie pie.. can you see kenron (my green belly) to the left?

getting tickled
See my tooth?

pretty soon we'll have a little one getting in on all the fun!

Friday we went to the park with Rusty and Evey and played on the playground, and then after dinner we went to campus to see if we could find some of Shea's old friends. What a week! And the next day was the busiest!

34 weeks - MATHIS VISIT!!

The Mathis family (minus Morgan) pulled into town monday right at lunch time.. and in true form of Natalie and Shea friendship she showed up right as I got out of the shower.. So she comes in and says Natalie? and I say I'm here.. but I'm Naked! so I'm trying to throw my bathrobe on that's not covering my belly... and get my glasses on.. it was crazy... So I got dressed and Shea unloaded the car and THEN we gave each other a hug :) hehehehe

Tuesday we had a playdate with Luke and Rachel at the park, and then we went to my house to have some lunch and then we went to Rachel's house so Shea could see all of her new drapes. We hung out there while Luke and Gabriel had a nap, and then it was about dinner time and Kyle suggested we go somewhere so we chose Hideaway pizza, and headed home to pick up Mat and meet them. THEN after that we had an icecream date with the Lindens so they could meet Charis and Shea could see Evey. That was a BUSY day!

Wednesday we had a lunch date at Jason's Deli.
Gabriel and I at Jason's Deli

Shea and Charis :)

we went out to lunch to meet up with Shea's friend Cara and her son...neither had seen each others new babies :)

Gabriel and his infamous.. "TIME OUT!!!"

Mat played Wii with Gabriel..

And I fell asleep thursday with Charis..

Here's a video of Mat and Gabriel playin Tennis.."WE WON!!"