Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kenron is 22 months old.

For some reason, its hard for me to talk about Kenron turning two in two months. So before I get there and its a huge gush/pride/cry fest I will update you on all the things Kenron has been doing lately....
He has a new facination for hats. Which is funny to me because around Christmas it was almost impossible to keep his hat on. He likes to put them on himself and he is quite good at it.
Kenron says lots and lots and lots of things. So instead of telling you all of them I'll tell you some of our favorites:
"Me-mama" - mommy
"Ah-Ard-Jew?" - Where are you?
"Bebe" - Axel
"Now-AH" - uncle Noah
"Pee-ZAH!" pizza
"uh trouble?" - mimicing me saying what's the trouble? to Axel
"Bites" - Bikes
"tinn-EE" - Candy

He has really started to say most of his words correctly. For a while he was getting his T's and C's mixed up - Toot=Cute Towboy=cowboy, it was terribly cute.

And up untill recently he has been calling the baby swing "bebe fwing" now he says swing but he says it like this:

He is size 18-24mo. and size 5.5 shoes. We think he is about 23 lbs (Axel is 17+) He still sleeps through the night 9ish to 7:30, and takes about a 2 hour nap. Kenron makes us laugh everyday. He does well if we ignore his fits and he rarely gets a spanking for doing a "no-no". He does best if we just move him away from the no-no or whatever is causing the fit. He's starting to get the concept of sharing, but its not his favorite.

He has really been enjoying helping me cook dinner for daddy. He pulls the chair upto the counter himself and can climb up alone. He knows not to touch the stove top and likes to stir and shake in any ingredients.

He is a great helper actually. He still likes to throw away diapers for us, and get the baby's paci and give it to him.
His favorite shows are:
#1 Mickey Mouse
#2 Elmo (sesame street)
#3 Curious George
#4 Thomas the tank engine

Favorite foods are:
Cookies (fig newtons, rice cakes, actual cookies)
Bread, toast, noodles,
apple juice and chocolate milk
fish crackers

Kenron has been going to childcare with Axel when I exercise for an hour MWF and is doing wonderful. He also loves to go to church. We talk about it sunday morning and he gets so excited, and when we pull into the parking lot he exclaims CHURCH!! A couple sundays ago, Mat had gone to pick up Kenron and when they came back into the auditorium he saw me and ran across too me. I said Hey buddy did you go to class and learn about baby jesus?? and his face lit up and he said "CRACKERS!!" - gotta love snack time.

Dear Mac-a-doodle

Dear Mac-a-doodle...

I just want you to know I adore the quilt you gave me...

So much I eat it up everyday...

I love it ALMOST as much as I love you!!

your favorite 4 month old,

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Axel at 4 months

Well we have a big ole' baby. (look at the difference in those legs!)

Axel measured today:
17 pounds! (90%)
25.5 inches (75%)
and his head measured in the 75th percentile.

Kenron at 4 months was 13 lbs 12oz. and 24.5 inches, and his head was in the 50th percentile.

Our Dr said he looked great! He can start having some cereal whenever I feel like it. Axel slept in his crib last night for the first time. He had been sleeping in a cradle in our room, but he was starting to get too big for it. He is still sleeping 11 hours at night (Thank you Lord) and is a VERY happy and content baby.

Kenron of course loves his brother. Axel laughs and coos at Kenron the most. They have quite to the love affair going on. Although yesterday was the first time Kenron had to get a spanking because he clocked Axel in the head with two very hard balls when I wasnt in the room. I think it was innocent, and the spanking was because he refused to say sorry. :)

Its quite an adventure with these two boys but I'm loving it. It goes by too fast. I'm trying to soak in all in as much as I can, and have my camera ready for when my memory will fail me.