Friday, October 30, 2009

Monthly Pictures - first month

Ok here it is Axel's one month old picture.

He's really starting to fill out, its all I can do to not eat him up whole.

PS. OH. MY. WORD. This was Kenron last year.
Stop growing up so fast your killin' me smalls.

Mr. Turtle and Little Pumpkin Man

We had fun at our church's "Knock Knock Night", it was Kenron's first time trick or treating, and he really didnt know what to think. He wasnt really scared, but he wasn't totally excited. It was almost like you could see him thinking "Ok what's the catch, you cant just be giving this candy to me for no reason" hehe

We also had (no exageration)15+ people ask us where Jack Sparrow was. Most of them were ladies :) I mean I cant blame them - he looked GOOD last year.

3 weeks old

Grammie and Bucca came to visit and we went out to Cracker Barrel to celebrate the twins birthday with Grancie and Grandy.
On friday night Axel and I went to his first scrapbooking night and he was an angel. He slept the whole time in his carseat and only fussed to eat...
But 8 o'clock came WAYYY too early the next morning :) hehehe

We had Baby Dedication sunday that same weekend and we went out to eat at Earls afterwards with Grancie and Grandy, and Tara and Jeremy. It was a fun, and crazy weekend!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Two weeks old.

Kenron is in love with his "Bee-Bee" He loves to hold him (for two seconds) and kiss him and play with his fingers..

This kid has awesome hair. We are in love with it.

Kenron was such a baldy, I thought I was just destined to have hairless babies, but Axel has lots of hair, and its even curly on the top!

He is also a champion burper and pooper. So much so that wednesday night he projectile vomited, and pooped through two outfits.. so he ended up in just a blanket. But he was still so cute I had to take a picture :)

I can tell Mat and I are MUCH more relaxed the second time around. I dont worry over the little things and Mat is more confident in all things baby - changing diapers, soothing a fussy one, and getting out the burps. Its nice. Axel has even slept 6 hours at night for the past two nights.. of course I have now jinxed it by telling all the internet world, but either way God has been gracious to us in our parenting, and Axel couldn't be more of a blessing.

David and Isaac's Third Birthday...

Happy Birthday guys.. Three years ago.. WOW.
It seems like forever, yet I remember it so vividly sometimes it's hard to catch my breath.

I wanted to post these fun pics... when you were both alive together. Part of me wanted to keep you like this forever. But that wasnt God's plan, and boy we had no idea what he had instore for us over the next two months.

Even though you are both in heaven now waiting for us, I think of you everyday.
I see you Isaac in Kenron. In his grey/brown eyes and light hair. You both looked like your uncle Bub when you came out.
And the first time I got to hold Axel I was instantly reminded of you David. He has your chubby cheeks, and dark hair.
You will always be our first babies, and we will forever be grateful for the impact you had in our lives - even though your visit with us was so short.
I love you always - mommy

Monday, October 12, 2009

some goodies...

Meet Axel...

This is to show you how much fun we've been having with Ya-ya and Paw paw here...

Axel Reid Tremblay

He's HERE!
7.5lbs 20inches Born 9-29-09
ok, ok, so he's actually BEEN here for almost 2 weeks... But my folks are here and we've been soaking up all the Ya-ya and Pawpaw love..
Isnt Kenrons expressions the cutest??

Our handsome baby.
He was seven pounds this day when we left the hospital - today when we had his first appt. (10 days later) He was 8lbs. 6oz!! He's growing like a weed!
We are loving being parents of two! More updates coming soon!