Monday, August 2, 2010

Tinker Air Show

Mat and Kenron in front of the plane Mat works on.

Mat and Kenron waiting in line to walk through the AWACS plane (Mat's plane)
Waving at the end of the walk through
It was HOT HOT HOT, but we had fun. Mat bought Kenron a set of airplanes, and he loves to play with them and talks about "Daddy's work".

They both had great naps that day.

Grammie came to visit

Grammie Cross came to visit us in mid June. We had lots of fun playing puzzles, watching toy story 2, eating good food, doing puzzles, drinking coffee, visiting and lots more puzzles
Kenron called her "Gwammie" it was so cute. We actually got to hang out with Grammie a little longer than planned....
The morning she was supposed to leave was the weirdest rain downpour we've EVER HAD. (This is Mat trimming the tree between down pours.)

Our internet was out, our Dish wasn't coming in, and all we could hear on the radio was that people were parked on the highways we were supposed to be driving on for hours, and there was intersections underwater - there was a "water rescue" a few streets away from us. I had no idea what was going on. This is some of what we saw when we finally got the tv signal coming in! Our entire back yard had been underwater, so a couple days later I ventured out to clean up the mud - the boys were more than happy to play while I shoveled the mud up off the pathways. Axel's onsie he wore was totally ruined. Oklahoma dirt is weird. We were able to bring Grammie to meet Trisha half way later that night. We had a really fun time getting to visit with her and we cant wait to see her and Bucca in October when they come back!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Boys in June

Axel loves his food
This is what happens when daddy is in charge, but that's why mommy buys washable markers. This was taken first thing in the morning - which means daddy put him to bed looking like this ...
Kenron is a good helper

Monkey see, Monkey Do.

Kenron is pointing out that Axel spit up on the window sill.
Harry Potter?
Daddy's old glasses are fun

For father's Day I wanted to try and get a picture of the boys together for Mat. I put the picture at the top of the blog in a frame for him to take to his desk at work. These are some of the others from that day...

May Videos

Boys in May

May actually started with me having my gallbladder taken out
This was a joyous event for two reasons: My gallbladder is what (the dr thinks) causes my itchy skin when I'm pregnant, so hopefully that wont be an issue the next time I'm pregnant.
And the second is I got to have a week where I got to sit in bed and do nothing because Mat was super dad and took care of all of us! Grancie Jean came the first night to lend an extra hand.
Kenron has been cracking us up. He's also infuriating at times because we have certainly entered "the terrible twos". But really its only when he's extra tired, hungry or both. And frankly wouldnt we all like to throw a fit when your hungry and things aren't going our way?
Kenron has what can only be described as "Puzzle Mania". This child could play puzzles (or just one puzzle) for hours a day.
So when I found these puzzles at a yard sale I scooped them up - for 25 cents each!! I was tired of doing the same puzzle for hours a day :)
Daddy and Kenron matched one sunday..
Me and the boys on Mother's Day - 5 days after surgery
Kenron found a love of doughnuts on our trip to florida - but you can see he has a unique way of eating them.
Axel rooney bear

Kenron has been using his imagination lately. This is his ruler/flute. He's also been adding the plural to things: Where the carses is? = Where are my cars? Where the bookses is? etc. He's pretty funny.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Axel is almost 9 months old

I am behind. This month has been pretty nuts.
I'd like to blame it on exibit: A
I'd like to blame it on the fact that he started crawling last month. But honestly that made things easier, so I took on more projects - like painting the kitchen, which ended up taking over a month from start to finish because Axel and Kenron got ear infections, and Axel's came back again. So between teething and ear infections - Axel needed lots of mommy time.
But most of the time now he is perfectly content crawling around on the floor. In a matter of days he figured out how to crawl off the carpet. Then into the kitchen and back. Then all the way into our bedroom on the other side of the house. There is no where you can hide from the Axel man.
He wore this outfit for jammies for a few weeks. My dad bought this for him at Christmas. He is definately busting out of it now. This kid is currently 23 lbs and 29.5" - He is in the 90% for everything (head, weight, height).
He also wants to play with whatever Kenron is playing with. I think its a combo of "That's where Kenron is and since I love him I want to be right next to him/ What is he paying attention to? It must be cool enough for me to chew on it..."

He is pulling up on EVERYTHING
Drinking Milk from his sippy cup and getting pretty good at holding it.
He has almost mastered the fine art of "finger foods"
And he is moving..

Axel is still such a happy baby. Its contagious. We are loving watching him grow - at warp speed - and manuver through life as a crawling baby. Kenron is the best older brother - He is a great helper, always finding a passy, or grabbing a diaper for us. He's always very conscious of where Axel is, and if he's crying. This picture is from yesterday: I was feeding Axel and when I got up to check on the macaroni I was making, I came back to find Kenron picked up where I left off.
I'm enjoying every second that they are so loving to each other, because I'm sure that will wear off sooner than I'd like. I really do hate how fast its flying by, so I'm trying to slow down and enjoy it all while I can. We love you Axel! I can't believe your going to be 9 months old next week.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Axel-rooney is 7 months old

You may find this hard to believe, but this kid is a great eater! He easily eats two big baby jars of food for lunch and dinner and is still nursing 4-5 times a day.
He thinks Kenron hung the moon and thinks he is hysterically funny. They really love each other A LOT. Axel is a mover and a shaker! He is SUCH a wiggle worm. He can get up on his hands and knees but not crawling yet. He can get where he wants to by rolling, scooting and reaching. He is one SUPER strong baby, and loves to be standing up!
He still earns his nickname Sir-poops-a-lot often, but since starting solids things seem to be less "explosive" in the pants department :)
And last but not least the side by side of the two brothers. Kenron @24 months and Axel @7 months - He is one BIG baby.