Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I actually did it...

I cut his hair.. I buzzed off the tiny bit that was left so its as long as his new hair because it was starting to look so goofy.


Its not a huge change, but it looks a lot better.. Dont worry I saved the little clippings..actually they weren't that little.. the hair was about an inch long! And I will put it in his scrapbook for his first hair cut :)

Time for bed, crazy head!

getting ready for bed... what a silly goose!

This kid kills me...

He is so stinkin cute! This was the first and last time he got to wear these little jammies.. he's growing like a weed!

Three Months Old

Here's Kenron at 2 months...

Here he is at 3 months...

That little bear keeps shrinking!

Well lets see.. what does Kenron do lately...
-He smiles a ton
-He is just BARELY starting to giggle, I've heard him a couple times but I've never gotten him to do it.
-He LOVES his daddy, Mat can make anything and everything better.
-He holds his head up like a champ when he's sitting.
-He has started to bend his legs when we're holding him standing like he wants to JUMP!
-He has busted out of ALL of his 0-3mo. size clothes
-When hes not going through a growth spurt he sleeps 7-8 hours at a time at night. Otherwise its 5 hours
-He LOVES to be naked
-He likes when you change his diaper
-He wont poop in a wet diaper, only a dry one.
-He is on a pretty decent nap schedule.
-He can take or leave his pacifier
-He likes to look at himself in the mirror.. (what a Tremblay)

My Boys...

Here's Kenron, his first time in his Bebe Pod.. Thanks Rusty and Onawa!! He is good at holding up his head.. but he gets a bit tired.. so we put him in it a little at a time...

It was actually Mat's idea.. He is so proud of Kenron I think he might explode sometimes :) Isnt Kenron's face so funny?

Exercising... Kenron and his daddy have a little "routine" for helping him get strong legs :) hehe Kenron's legs are actually REALLY strong.. its just the balancing part that he has yet to master :)

Our new Air Conditioner!!

The cold wind's a blowin' hehe

Well if you have ever been in our house in the summer you know its pretty unbareable from about 3pm till a few hours after the sun goes down.. Our dumb airconditioner does not keep up with the heat... maybe its that the insulation is non-existent...maybe its that you can feel the breeze through the windows when they are shut.. maybe its cause we have a retarded door.. or maybe because we only have one airduct going to the largest room in the house... whatever the case may be.. we had a pow-wow/pep rally and talked ourselves into buying a window unit. And Praise be to God. We can actually enjoy our evenings now...Dare we say we might even get chilly at times? I know its hard to believe.

We also picked up a saw for Mat....

Home Depot and Lowes are like Hobby Lobby.. Dont go in without a list.. because you'll come out with 10x more stuff than you almost $60 of wood and screws to only use about $20 worth :)

Squishy happy Kenny-roo-roo

Thursday, July 17, 2008

K and the hat

as I was switching out K's clothes I found a little halloween outfit and this hat..

dont laugh at me I'll bop you in the face! hehehehe
(Mat called this the boob hat...lovely)

this was crackin me up!

Monday, July 14, 2008

11 weeks old

Kenron is growing out of all his little newborn clothes.... This hat fits perfectly now.. but I'm sure it wont in a few days.. he's growing like a weed! I put him in this outfit and brought him into Mat and said, " Do you think he's ready for New England now?" hehehe

This was us on Sunday.. his face cracks me up in these pictures..

Well I decided over the weekend that this week I'm going to be more scheduled with his naps.. he hasnt been able to fall asleep as easily so just letting him sleep when he wanted to wasn't working cause we were getting a bit of a fussy baby... Well I re-read the chapter in Baby Wise to remind myself, and try and boost my will to do this..I started crying just thinking about letting him cry a bit.

So far today he's slept awesome for one hour and woke up crying for the second part.. so we'll see... I know I wont let him cry as long as Baby Wise says too, I've only let him cry for 5 minutes and then given him a passy.. yuck. We'll see.. I want him to be able to put himself to sleep.. but the learning might just kill my heart. :) I know it will be ok, he was happier when I had a schedule.. I just got lazy, and he got older :)

*** He just fell asleep after only 4 minutes of crying.. and no passy.. hopefully we've turned a corner :) Anyway.. enjoy these cute pictures of my sweet baby, dont you just love those overalls? they kill me!

Cute Cute CUTE!

I love this kid too much!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

a quick visit...

Shea came to visit Kenron!! Kid free!! hehe

We went out for icecream with the Lindens..

I dont know who loves who more.. Kenron or his daddy :)

Say Cheese!

We went over to Rusty and Onawa's to visit some more.. Kenron loves those ceiling fans.. Evey is so cute.. love that hair.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!

Kenron went to his first Parade!! I took this to show how many people were there!

We got there around 9 and the parade had already started.. Kenron was sleeping in his stroller and when the fire engines and Police cars set off their sirens he wasnt too happy.. He didnt really cry but he stuck out his big pouty lip.. oh man it was so cute..

Mat helped us find a spot in the shade by the first christian church so we didnt melt... we were supposed to meet rusty and onawa over there because that church gives away free water, hotdogs, chips, and watermelon!

Kenron is getting so good and holding up his head! he sat with us for a while and I was even able to hold him up so he could see the big tractors and clowns go by.. I dont know how much he really saw ;)

I love this picture :) I asked Mat to take one of us. Mat's so goofy ..

Kenron actually slept through the last half of the parade.. it was a LONG one, I'm not used to parades being that long. Grancie Jean gave him that shirt :)

The Linden's joined us!! Evey is so cute isnt she? she knows all kinds of words now..but her favorite one of the day was "PUPPY!! PUPPY!!" They invited us to their house later that night for dinner with their neighbors. Rusty made wings YUM!! and I brought cheesecake sopopias oh man they were awesome!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

10 weeks old!

Kenron has graduated out of two headrests in his carseat, now he has just one.

The "Grammie Mac Trick"...she mentioned that the foster babies she had slept good with hats on. I know my mom tried this with us too, so I gave it a try... well I put the hat on him that he had from the hospital and he just looked like a tiny baby. I almost cried.. of course I tool a picture and made Mat come and look at him :)

Here's me 10 weeks later.. slowly buy surely that baby weight is melting off.. now we are onto twins baby weight melting off.. I'm pretty excited.

And last but not least a cute video of Kenron today.. He was in a great mood so I thought I would take a video..and at the end he almost rolls over! He didnt but my goodness I thought he was for a second.. he's getting SO STRONG! last night I had him swaddled cause he wasnt falling asleep very well and he rolled over onto his stomach and got VERY frustrated.. I guess I'm going to have to start letting him put himself to sleep.. yucky, I hate that my baby is getting older. oh well.. such is life.. enjoy the Video!

Skylar and Kenron

I'm sorry I'm a dummy and cant remember to hold the camera horizonal... and I cant figure out how to rotate it..
BUT.. this is too cute not to post.. Skylar kept calling Kenron, Kenron Jeff! because on the Wiggles Jeff is sleeping.. so he would do his little dance to wake Jeff up.. Kenron thought this was pretty great.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pa-Paw's Baby Picture

Grammie Cross kept telling me she thought Kenron looked similar to my dad, so she brought pictures to show me when I visited her at Trish's house.
She was right!
Bet you never thought you'd see him naked on the internet ;)

Here's one aunti Shan sent..

HAHA.. scary.