Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Here I am at 20 weeks! 5 months can you believe it?

Here's my front view

Here's the presents Kenron has gotten so far :) a book from Ya Ya and Pa Pa, some much needed shirts from Nana and Bucca, and a Blanket/Lamb from Grancie and Grandy! What a lucky boy already!

This is what we did today.. played the new games on the Wii and watched movies..

This is humbleness at its finest :) hehe lovely.

Merry Christmas everyone!! and Here is a little something from my FAVORITE Christmas Movie....:)

Monday, December 17, 2007

19 weeks - remembering Isaac.

Well the 15th came and went pretty uneventfully. Its funny how a year later how different you can feel about a day. A year ago on the 15th Isaac died. It was pretty quiet and peaceful. Poor baby was really sick and I know he missed his brother so bad. As much as we miss him I know he's feeling so much better now. I'm sure he's causing all kinds of trouble for his Grammie Becky up there with David. hehe they are Tremblay kids after all..

We ended up going to Josh's Graduation Party on Saturday and we hung out with our friends and played games so it was a really nice day. The best part and most special was that we got to snuggle little Luke. Luke was born on the same day as the boys so it was so nice to snuggle a baby that was as old as isaac.

Well I was looking through Me and Mats baby books and I thought it would be fun to post what we looked like at 2 months old, since we didnt really know what Isaac looked like cause he was too sick and swollen. Ok here we go :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Our Appointment Today...

Well Mat and I braved the weather, bundled up and headed to the Dr's this morning. The roads were fine.. we had to dodge a couple downed branches but for the most part everything was totally fine.

Everything is fine fine fine and perfect with Kenron! He is about 8oz., which I was surprised because the book said he would be about 5oz. I told Mat though I thought he was going through a growth spurt because last week I was STARVING all the time. The book also said he should be about 5.5" from top of head to his bottom.

I'm feeling him a lot more lately.. :) Its pretty fun. I got nervous because it wasnt very much.. and then I had to remind myself I am used to two babies squirming around in there :) hehe. Mat even felt him the other night! This was the first time Mat got to see Kenron big in an ultrasound.. last time was when he was a tiny little bean. The pics came out much better this time around.

We were both surprised with how quick our appointment was.. but then I got to thinking.. you know we only have one baby, they werent always looking for kidneys, or absent organs.. or checking and rechecking the size to let other doctors know.. hehe no wonder it was so quick!

Here's his sweet little profile again :)

Here's his face (top of head to the left)

Here he is in 4D.. with his hand up by his face :) (his face is in the upper left hand corner, his other hand is right under his chin) He's still a skinny one.. but from now on he will get chubbier and chubbier :)

Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful....

This is what we woke up to yesterday... I took these at about 11am. We got a few calls wondering if we had power.. and our friends Andrew and Natasha came over because they hadnt had power all night! So we just stayed in and scrapbooked and played the Wii.. Evey came over too so it was a big iced in party :)

The ice just got worse as the day went on... this is our view down the road.. check out MaryKay's garbage can! (You can click on the picture to see it larger)

Our cars.. they actually got worse...

This is our grass in the front.. check out the twig near the bottom.. there was a good inch of ice on everything by the end of the day...

This is a look over to Mary Kay's house..

This is out our back window.. the tree to the left - the branches are above my head usually.. now they are touching the groud.. a big chunk broke off last night.