Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Kenron and Santa~

K also saw Santa again at Bass Pro Shop..

Where he got a candy cane...

and did a little scouting for toms...

We'll are heading out to New England for Christmas and New Years so you wont hear from me for a while, but I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

And remember to enjoy your children this holiday season. There are too many kids who dont get to be with their folks during the holidays. Give them an extra hug and a kiss for me.

Merry Christmas again!
Natalie, Mat and Kenron.


guess how much I paid for all this?

Sixty eight cents.. no joke

AND I made $10 in CVS money.

Thanks CVS I really am enjoying your earn bucks back program.

8 months old!

8 months..

7 months...

Kenron is crawling around like crazy. Its not the official up on knees and hands, but he's just as efficient on his forearms and toes :)

He officially pulled up on the couch last night all by himself. He was pretty proud too, it was so cute.

He can find me if I go in the office and I have left him in the living room. Or he can find me in the bathroom too.. lovely. Its actually pretty cute hearing him crawl down the hall and then when he realized he's found me he has the BIGGEST grin.

He has developed this funny sense of humor. you can hear me at the end of the video saying "what does a pig say? "oink" "oink"" and he laughs. Last night he was in hysterics laughing about the oink/snort

he can sit up on his own and is pretty good about catching himself if he tips so he doesnt smash his head. And he can push himself up off the floor into the sitting position.

And he's really good at picking up food with his fingers to eat. And he still just has 5 teeth :)

Our schedule at the moment is:
wake up 7:30-8:00 and breast feed
(8:30)hang out in bed with daddy till he goes to work
(9-10)hand out in the exersaucer with some cereal and watch sesame street
have a morning nap,
wake up have lunch,
have a feeding at 2 or 3
one more afternoon nap
wake up and hang out till dad gets home
and dinner and play time till
8:30-9 bed time.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

holly jolly kenron...

he was laughing at aunti shan-shan behind me.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I love puddin'

needless to say we had a bath after this!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

teeth and crawling

Kenron's top three teeth have busted through all in a matter of days. On Nov. 23rd his first top right came through, then thanksgiving day his second popped through and then saturday the 6th the third (second to the right) came through.. no wonder he hasnt been sleeping good!

He is getting REALLY good at moving around. I left him by the couches in the living room.. and this is where I found him.. playing with the milk container. He's crawling with his toes (not his knees), and forearm over forearm.. its pretty cute.

This is also my new trick to spend more time on the computer.. Kenron "types" on his keyboard and I get to spend a little more time "cruisin the interweb"

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Two things...

It snowed! it was just a dusting, but it was Kenron's first official snow, so I had to document :)

Second, we love this bath seat! We got an excellent tip from reagan's parents at church that they bought this for him and they liked it a lot.
Its the aquababy bath seat he had a great time splashing.. he couldnt do that in his other seat.. we love it :)


Kenron has been laughing for a long time we just haven't caught it on video till now.. enjoy!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I didnt think he could get any cuter..

No not Kenron.. Sawyer. (ok Josh Halloway)

He and his wife are going to start a family...
read the story

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This is MY blog right?

I decided it was time for a ME update.
K is cute and all but I need to be heard! hehe

Ok, first off:
Dancing with the Stars
~ Cloris Leechman is the GREATEST thing to EVER happen to that show:

~ I hated that Brooke Burk won.
~ Warren was my FAVORITE:

To President Elect Obama, I didnt vote for you, but I'm glad you won. It made me feel good as an American. The significance wasnt lost on me, even though I dont agree with your politics.

My hateful, dreaded, pain in my a$$ "time of the month" has returned. I informed Mat of this and this is what he says:
"Your a woman again!" as if birthing his child and breastfeeding wasnt "ladylike" but I laughed just the same. Good old birdie, you never cease to surprise me with your quick wit.

Thank you God for the overwhelming Joy the fall and christmas season bring to my soul. 2006 was rough. Last year and this year have been so healing to my heart, that when I put up Isaac and David's christmas ornaments I was able to smile. Thank you for the healing you brought when you gave us Kenron.
You are faithful God and I will be eternally grateful.