Wednesday, November 28, 2007

In Case you Haven't Heard....

ITS A BOY!!!!!


Here is our little Kenron Joseph Tremblay...

This is his profile (looking up)

Here is his profile (I outlined it so you could see..)

And this is a shot looking down on his head, and his little hand is to the left.

I would put up more pics but they arent very good.. I was going to put up the one with the boy parts.. but its fuzzy so I would have to outline it.. and I thought that was obnoxious.. HA!

The appointment was great.. it was a surprise that I got an ultrasound.. she asked me if I wanted to find out and I said yes.. so she started looking and I could see already that it was a boy.. and she said "hmm.. I dont think this will be too hard to tell.. nope its DEFINATELY a boy" I said yeah.. the other boys were pretty obvious too :)

you can see in the first ultrasound that the baby's head is surrounded by placenta.. and I said "does he have enough amniotic fluid?" and she said oh yeah.. he's just snuggled up in the corner.. and sure enough he had snuggled into a spot and there was plenty of wiggle room down by his legs.. cute little snuggle bunny.

She took a 3D pic but he's so skinny its sort of creepy.. she said "well there he is, your little skeleton" hehehe.

I will have another appt in December so hopefully we will have some better pics. He should be a bit chubbier.

Mat and I are just thrilled.. I can honestly say it hasnt sunken in yet.. but were getting more and more excited.

Thank you God for being so gracious and blessing us with another son. We couldnt be more thankful or humbled. YIPEE!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

We went to Tenn. for thanksgiving. Mat and I stayed at my auntie Kelly's house and Shannon stayed at Grammie Macs. We had a ton of fun! here are some pics...

This is Ivy, we did make-up, can you see her beautiful lipgloss?

Mat brought the Wii, It was a big hit! Aiden is trying to jump on his shoulders in this pic.. Mat is so good he didnt let any of the kids bother him, he just played with them.

Here is Miss Claire, my new cousin.. yes cousin. She is pretty sleepy.

We figured out that Claire and our new baby will be about 8 months apart.. crazy!

Summer and Owen had Thanksgiving at her mom's, who lives like 3 streets over from Kelly's so we got to visit for an afternoon.

Belly buddies :) Summer is 5 weeks ahead of me.

It was a great visit we really had a good time. I'm exctied to pull out all of my christmas stuff!! wahoo!

Friday, November 16, 2007


Ok how long have we been trying to get this last mouse? too long.. like 3 weeks. Ok I finally caved and bought sticky traps.. I hated doing it because I feel like its mean.. but he wouldnt go for the other 3 traps we had out.. so I first night.. still nothing with the sticky trap... and more mouse poops.. well this morning we got him. Mat says "he's a fat one!" hehe well yeah he's had the run of our kitchen crumbs for probably a month.. so anyway Mat puts him in a box and says "sorry buddy.." and we put him in the trash. I seriously thought about taking a picture.. hehe but then I thought that would be kind of sick. hehehe so no picture but how about this!

oh yes, this is annie lennox and david bowie together... its a video of their practice for the LIVE concert.. I dont think it sounds really awesome or anything but it was too cool not to post. My favorite parts: David bowie smoking a cigarette the whole time, George Michael in the background, david's crazy spike earings... how the heck is david bowie so skinny and weird but still so sexy to me? maybe I'm just pregnant. :) hehe

ok and one more for those George Michael fans.. this is my favorite.

happy friday!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


is starting off quite boring...

I went to the doctor today and I didnt even have an ultrasound.. they just weighed me, checked my blood pressure, I got to hear the heart beat, and talked to the doctor and left. SHEESH! and then I had my next appt for December (in 4 weeks)and Dr Mirabile decided that I should have one in between.. so I'm going again in two weeks ... to get weighed, checked, and talked to. bummer. I secretly thought of saying I was nervous about the baby so they would give me an ultrasound but I thought better of it. :)

I do have a weird cough. I'm inclined to believe its allergies which is new for me. At home (VT) my allergies were synonomous with runny noses. I feel fine except for this dumb cough, and its more of a tickle cough than a sore throat cough. So anyway Dr. M gave me a Rx if I dont feel better in the next couple days to fill.

Well I did accomplish one thing this weekend! my first block for the baby cradle bumper. Paper piecing is so backwards.. so it took me a few minutes to get my mind wrapped around it.. I was actually making it harder than it is. (surprise) So here is is.

also on a wonderfully good note: this Wed. is Thanksgiving Dinner at church! Wahoo! Dont you love thanksgiving food? Mat had a funny revelation on the way to church on sunday.. he said (very seriously) "you know I dont think I eat as much at thanksgiving anymore...." I said "Oh yeah?" "He said no i dont really remember eating hardly anything last year, or the year before.. its not that I dont like the food its just.. I cant eat as much as I used to." hehe then we had a discussion about stuffing. cornbread vs plain, boxed vs. homemade... I personally didnt like Becky's (Mat's moms stuffing) But Mat assured me that some years it was awesome and some years it just missed the mark. My auntie Cindy used to make some kind of stuffing.. oh wait maybe aunti kim.. (somebody help me out) ok ok, it was grammie.. hehe made oyster stuffing.. that was always pretty good.. auntie Cindy made (Dad emailed me..)stuffing with Orange juice to make it sweet and bacon on top, yum!. My favorite is mashed potatos and Green Bean Casserole...Yum, now I'm hungry.

Happy Holidays!

Friday, November 9, 2007

New Glasses!

Mat's such a goober :)

Ok I wanted to post these pictures and tell you something funny that happened last night. Ok last night Melanie asked me to take Keenan and a buddy to wrestling practice.. No Problem. I dropped them off and went to pick up Mat and we came back and watched the last bit of practice. Well we were laughing at some of the kids.. they are just little like 8 year olds and they were cute trying to take each other down. Well I'm keeping my eye on Keenan and his friend, they are both doing really well and then the coach blows a whistle and I guess that meant that they were actually supposed to wrestle.. they were just practicing moves before. No Keenan and his opponent were getting a little crazy and oops! Keenan gets a bloody nose. Of course he gets a bloody nose when I'm there... so I calmly walk across the room and Keenan is with the coach, and we go into the boys locker room and get him cleaned up. Well Keenan is problem he says "I've gotten like 7 bloody noses before" Ok so I stay in there and visit with him... well all these boys keep coming in and out and checking their weight on the fancy scale. You see they have a tournament on Sat. and they want to know what weight class they will be in. So Keenan checks his weight and its like 47.5lbs he says I gained like a whole pound in a week! I said well yeah, keep eating that good pizza right? and he laughed and said, well no I've been lifting weights and doing push ups... this is one funny 8 year old. So I say hmm I wonder what I weigh? he said get on! I said listen Keenan this isnt going to be pretty... (now on a side note my weight at home is 185.. and i'm cool with that.. not perfect but whatever) so I get on and it comes out to 194.7 and Keenan says WOW!! your almost 200 pounds! you could be on "The biggest Looser" I almost fell on the floor laughing.. and I said well yeah thats what having a baby in your belly does to ya...hehehehehe I'm still laughing about it. I told Mat when we got out in the hallway and we had another good laugh about it.

Well on mouse update we have another little stinker. The only reason I know he is there is because he leaves his poops. Mat thinks I'm a little weird that I keep count of how many so i know if there are more the next day... but yeah there are more poops everyday. And I know what your thinking.. yes the traps are still out. This one is smart. He must have an aversion to peanut butter... I think its time to try another bait. I will keep you updated..

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

13 weeks pregnant...

Well my goodness... We have had quite a week at the Tremblay house.

Starting last tuesday...I had a good morning! I went to go exercise but I was a little early so I stopped by Hancock Fabrics and picked up the fabric for the baby cradle bumper.

I put the fabric in and started the laundry when I got home, jumped in the shower and after that pulled out the left over lazagna for lunch... I sat down with my lazagna infront of the computer to watch "Dancing with the Stars" after that I went to put my dish away.. and what to my surprise??? A STINKING MOUSE.. IN THE LAZAGNA DISH!! I scared him as much as he scared me... he ran across the sink, and jumped behind my cookbooks. Then I called Mat, dumped the rest of the lazagna and decided to run to Walmart and pick up some mouse traps..At walmart I also picked up a couple cute shirts for me, and some scrapbook stuff for this friday, retail therapy :) Mat gets home and sees the mouse AGAIN! That mouse is a brave old soul.. he is hanging out in the oven.. so we did get him in the trap overnight and disposed of him...

Ok wednesday morning.. Halloween... Evey comes over in the morning and Rusty informs me we have a dead snake outside...MAN ALIVE!! What is this? critter city? Ok so me and Evey hang out and I got the fun idea to dress up evey for halloween to surprise Onawa at work with some pictures...

i'm planning on going to exercise after she leaves so I'm in my lovely workout clothes.. Rusty shows up after class and invites me to go out to lunch with him and Onawa since Onawa is off for the rest of the day! wahoo! so I change and try to make my poor hair look half way decent... While we wait for Onawa to change Evey we get a knock on the door.. Its Rachel and LUKE!! WHAT?? Well yes its wednesday when we have Ladies Lunch ... but I hadnt heard from anyone so I assumed we werent doing it.. so Rachel comes in and says she cant stay long anyway cause Luke will want to eat and she wanted to be home for that.. BUT it was her first outing out by herself!! So we didnt want to rush it. So after all that commotion I had a lovely lunch with the Lindens.. came home showered got ready for Knock Knock Night at church..

My buddy Corban

Peyton the ducky and Evey the lion
We had knock knock night and ALL the kids were so cute!! Then thursday.. shannons birthday.. I slept in late, and went out to lunch with Katie and Shan.. we talked for a long time it was nice.

Ok friday.. Mat finds this AWESOME DEAL on a HD DVD player at walmart. Its a steal.. 98$ and they are usually 250.. no joke.. SO I get up early and I'm down at walmart at 7ish. This part annoys me so we'll make it quick.. the people there were stupid and didnt tell us the right price.. so I came home with no HD DVD Player.. I was heartbroken. Its like if your kid wants a toy and the store doesnt have it.. its awful.. So.. Evey comes over .. I go exercise... take a shower and fart around and decide to lay down cause I'm pooped. So I lay down in the bed for about an hour.. Mat gets home and yells.. "guess what I got for 98 bucks!!!" I jumped out of bed and I'm saying WHAT!?! WHAT?? He stopped by the other walmart on the way home and they had it for the right price.. (that still annoys me but anyway..) We were excited and we broke open the box set it all up and I have to admit.. ITS AWESOME... the picture is so clear.. we even put in Ghostbusters and it looked perfect. We were so proud of our great deal... and then ... I walk into the living room and what do I see? oh yes A MOUSE!! running across the floor.. WHAT THE HECK! Ok so we set our last trap.. we have ordered pizza, but we want to go to walmart and get a HD movie to watch and some more traps.. so we decided to just watch Batman Begins and eat pizza... well as the movie finishes up Mat hears a snap and triumpantly runs to the kitchen and declares we have him!! oh good. no worries.

I go to crawl into bed and what do I see.. NO JOKE.. Mouse poop.. oh yes.. mouse poop IN THE BED.. THE BED I TOOK A NAP IN.. the poop wasnt there when I took a nap.. but the mouse was there afterwards.. I think this mouse was on speed.. cause seriously we saw it in the Living room 3 times, apparently it was in our bedroom.. and in the kitchen too... this was between 4pm and 11pm. sheesh! So i freak a little and make Mat stay in the room with me while I fall asleep, but that took a while because I was conviced I would wake up to a mouse in my hair... yuck.

Ok so since then no new mice.. the new traps have been out for days and we have no activity.. so seems like the comotion has calmed down for the moment.. so I can post pictures now :) enjoy!