Monday, August 25, 2008

4 Months Old!

How can 4 months already have gone by?

Kenron is so fun right now. When he's not too sleepy he smiles at everyone, and everybody just says he is the cutest/prettiest baby! (We seriously get stopped in Wal-mart just so people can look at him and tell me how cute he is..)

Ok K had a milestone on Friday!

Like I said in the post before he had rolled over in his bed on tuesday morn. then friday I propped him up on his belly to look at his toys and went in the kitchen to make lunch and when I came back in he was on his back. So I put him back on his belly and ran to get the camera and he did it before I could tape it! So I wasnt sure he would do it again when I took that video.. luckily he did.. he hasnt done it since..

Also K is now grasping things (on purpose) and bringing them to his mouth...
We are pretty proud :) His favorite things to chew are our hands, and that little hot air balloon in the picture.

He loves to stand up!
and he is happiest in the morning, and after his meals. :)
His best nap is his morning one.
He goes to bed around 8-8:30 and sleeps 8 hours, eats, and sleeps till 7-7:30ish.
His favorite phrase is still "AHh GOooo"
He started doing this weird talk this week.. its like a squeal/fuss/"Ehhh" sound.. but he does it when he's "talking".. its funny.. but I miss the little "ooh, ooh" like the video.. oh well, at least he's not screaming yet :)
He JUST started to try and sit up straight all the time..
and he's getting better at sitting in his little Be'be pod longer and longer...
He is too cute, I love this kid too much!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Something to look forward to...

This was on the MSN health and fitness page...

Healthy Sex can extend into your 80's>1=31036

Here's my favorite quote: "Drinking alcohol daily improved a women interest in and pleasure from sex. Alcohol didn't have that effect on men."

Senior discounts, alcohol and sex into my 80's what more could you ask for?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Comparison...

Well, he's definately our kid...

I think he has Mat's head shape, but a lot of my features.. like my eyes, but they are set apart like Mat's, and that "V" on his brow is from Mat...

What do you think?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

4 mon. Dr. Appointment...

First off how cute is my blog now!! (if I do say so myself)
Kenron is sleeping off his shots at the moment.. poor baby.. this time was a little more rough. The nurse was so good last time and gave him his shots quick, Boom Boom Boom... well this time I was getting him dressed before the shots and he scratched himself good in the face.. so he started crying.. I tried to comfort him, and then I thought.. well your going to cry in a second anyway.. so I just laid him on the table.. and she did her first shot.. SCREAM!!..and she said "oops.. can you hand me a cotton ball.. he's bleeding a lot.." oiy...still screaming.. next shot..K is now silently screaming..and nearly purple... and then last shot.. holy smokes. I held him and gave him his passy but he did cry longer than last time.

The worst thing about going to the dr and getting shots is the stupid CHECK OUT! I'm trying to hold/balance my sweet baby in one arm and get the checkbook out..and write a check.. and put the other papers away all in my purse that I'm praying wont fall off my shoulder and ruin the entire balancing act. sheesh!

Anyway.. K is 13lbs 12oz. and 24.5" tall. He can start eating solids whenever he started showing more of an intrest. The dr gave us the run down of how he thought it should go.. cereal, veggies: green, then yellow, then orange over a week.. and then do that for a week or two and move right on to meats.. THEN fruit. He used the analogy that cereal was Frontier City, Veggies were Six Flags and Fruit was Disney land.. "He'll be happy with Frontier City till he knows what Six Flags is like.." Made sense to me. When he was talking about veggies and a new one each day and then starting back at green veggies it made me laugh thinking about my mom. She only gave me orange and yellow veggies at first and I turned a bit orange myself :) hehe

Ok So what is K upto lately...
He is laughing now when you tickle him (occasionally..)
He is pushing up on his arms and holding his head up great!
This morning when I went to get him he had rolled over and was talking to his mobile.. oh it was so cute I could have melted into the floor. So that counts as his first official roll over.. even though we didn't see it ;)
last sunday he slept ALL through the night.
He's averaging 7-8 hours of straight sleep
(I know he can sleep all night without feeding him.. but I wanted to wait till after our trip to do the "letting him cry it out" so I dont have to do it twice.)
I've been putting him to sleep in his room at night and he's been doing great.
And one week from today will be his first trip on an airplane to New England! Yipee!

Monday, August 18, 2008

I dont usually read too much into these things...

I'm a Leo, and Mat is the Pisces...

"Your greatest gifts as parents are your creativity and imagination. Your home will be rich with song, books, plays, costumes, and various projects, but don't expect it to be very neat. As a family, you have more important priorities! The Leo mom or dad could be the ringleader in all this activity. You have a childlike spirit and affectionate warmth that is very appealing to children of all ages. Your kids know from the start that they can depend on your loyalty and love.

The Pisces parent is more dreamy but equally dramatic. You're intuitive and sensitive, connecting with your children on the spirit plane as much as the physical.

One challenge you face as parents will be in making sure that the Leo parent does not demand too much attention and that the Pisces parent doesn't give all their caretaking to just one person. Find the balance."

the not neat house, and Mat being "equally dramatic" is a stretch...but it's pretty darn "us".

Friday, August 15, 2008

K in stereo..

Sometimes when K is fussy I play him the video of himself.. This time he was talking back :)

Love those chubby cheeks!

Jack Pot!!

I went to Goodwill today.. like always, its hit or miss.. but today was a hit! As some of you know we are headed to New England in less than 2 weeks, and Kenron really needed a few more cooler weather clothes since we will be camping half the time. So we found some long sleeve stuff, a cute dress shirt, jammies, and a snow suit! It will be his size for this winter.. we may not have snow but for 1.99 I didnt want to regret passing it up. I found a couple skirts and some books for me and K. I got all this for less than $15!

We also found a couple hats for K to have for sleeping in the trailer.. he cant wait to see his Ya-ya and Pa-paw!!

And here's me.. Kenron is almost 4 months and I'm at my pre-twin weight. I felt funny about posting this but I wanted it to be a reminder to myself. I'm going to try to melt off 10ish more lbs. But I haven't done anything but breastfeed to get down to this point so I'm pretty excited. 15ish would be awesome.. but I'm a realist, and frankly I'm pretty lazy. 10ish would be healthy and manageable :) Slowly but surely..Actually I should say I realized last night, this is the best I've felt about my body in a long time. Enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

you crack me up kid...

I think your starting to look more like a Tremblay :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

sweet baby...

Kenron, please stop getting so big, your so sweet and cute, today i want you to stay little forever.

My Birthday..

For my birthday I decided I wanted to go to the art exibit that was at the OKC museum of art. Its Roman art from the Louvre. I wanted to go, but I think it was more the imaginary guilt I felt from my professor's in Searcy that made me go :) I knew it was important historic art and there was no reason for me to not go. So we went.

Saturday we got out and about after lunch and got to the museum. We were a little bummed because there wasn't any Audio Tour things left, but it ended up we didnt need them because they are online if you REALLY wanted to know.

Three things happened there that were worth blogging about. Not because they were so cool/facinating/or intellectual.. nope, worth telling you about because it made me and Mat laugh out loud. First.. I felt a little bad about bringing a baby to the museum, you know how they are... quiet and filled with pretentious people pretending to be intellectual.. and here is sweet Kenron babbling away and its echoing REALLY loud.. finally Mat is holding him and we are making our way through the first room, it was PACKED with people.. so you are almost standing in line to see the peices.. Mat moves on to the next room and I jump infront of one last statue to read what it said.. it was a HUGE statue (8') of Ceasar Augustus... well I had to "pass gas" so I thought I would let it eek out.. oh no.. not in the museum it had to come out as one of those loud blast type of farts that echoed in the silent pretentious room.. I froze, and didnt let on that it was me.. remember it was packed in there :) I hoped the old lady next to me might be blamed...I casually made my way to the next room...

Second, we are in the next room and I go to the left .. well there is this man who is trying to jump infront of the stroller so I let him... but he takes his dear sweet time reading the statues little blurb in the corner. So I get to see the statue long before I read about it... its a young man standing.. sort of like this...

minus the beard and hair... now take a look at the picture... ok this is what the little blurb said (I'm paraphrasing) "This is a typical young roman, The identity is unknown because of the lack of distinguishing features...." I almost choked on my laughter..because the way the statue is sitting on the wall.. his crotch is at eye level.. and THAT distinguishing feature is CLEARLY missing.. I turned into a 12 year old boy and couldnt stop laughing...

Then as I'm making my way over to tell Mat about my very mature actions... I am pushing the stroller over to him and almost bump into this lady.. so I grab the side of the stroller to move it towards Mat and I hit the little toy on Kenron's seat and the music starts playing.. Loudly.. in the quiet pretentious room... I wanted to melt into the floor and disapear.

We had way more fun in the exibits upstairs.. they were all modern art and it wasnt so quiet..and formal. We decided to go to the Spaghetti Warehouse for dinner and I got to get a HUGE piece of chocolate cake that I finished off myself.. and it was DELICIOUS. It was fun to spend the day with my guys for my birthday.

Friday, August 8, 2008

more talking today...

oh my goodness if this kid doesn't melt my heart with his little voice!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Friday, August 1, 2008

New Toys..

Kenron and I went to the store and got a few toys. He has been loving looking at himself in the mirror so I still had gift cards saved from his baby shower and we got some new toys for him..

We got this mirror, and all the little tails on the bottom say the color and animal its attached to when you squeeze them.. its cute! I also picked up some Link-a-do's and Pop links to play with later.

See this drool? We think Kenron's teeth might be starting to move up. He had a small fever for two days and was almost inconsolable at times.. he was VERY cranky, and sleepy. He's back to normal again.. but i'm not looking forward to this teething buisness.

Birthday Dinner!

My birthday was yesterday (the 31st) I'm the big 2-6! Jean and Lee had plans at the end of this week so they took us out on Tuesday to Rib Crib.

They are Kenron's Grancie and Grandy (aka Oklahoma Grandparents) and they wanted to watch him and let me and Mat have a date after dinner.. So Mat and I went bowling it was fun! but we forgot the camera in the diaper bag.. so no pics of that .. oops.

Kenron was so good for not feeling good.. he had a tiny fever that day..

YUM! it was good dinner, and Tuesday was all you can eat ribs and you get two sides all you can eat also! it was REALLY good.

This was Lee's idea :) hehehe

My EXCELLENT dessert I shared with Lee.

It was a great birthday dinner!

My Husband is funny...

Mat was so sweet and offered to put in a pizza for dinner...

This is what I saw when I put my dish away.. yup he cooked it on the cardboard. The pizza was delicious dont get me wrong.. but when I asked him about it the next morning, he had the gawl to tell me "its on the box! it says to leave the cardboard on"... so I laughed and said "prove it" He was mad so he grabbed the box out of the garbage and read the box... "oh" he says "well, IT TASTED FINE!" hehehe he's funny.

Jumpy Seat!

Kenron had started bending his legs quick when we were holding him standing up... like he wanted to jump.. so we started jumping him in our laps.. he thought this was terrific!! so last weekend when Mat was mowing the lawn I pulled out his seat and set it up and this was his first time in it.. His face doesnt show it.. but he really liked it! We had to put a blanket in the seat to hold him up.

P.S I didnt put it in the last few posts but Kenron has found his hands.. and he cant keep them out of his mouth.. they are pretty amazing incase he hasnt told you ;)