Friday, October 26, 2007

Its the MOST wonderful time of the year....

OH MAN!!! can you believe this weather we are having!! I literally almost cried I was so happy yesterday when I was outside. I keep opening the windows and putting on a sweatshirt and just sitting around like some smiling idiot...

I finally FINALLY am starting to feel like myself. its taken a while. BUT holy smokes what a time to come back to life!! I'm telling you you'd think I was on drugs.. haha (thats not how I feel normally) its just this weather! I'm serious. I'm cooking again, I'm creating again.. PS thank you tiffany for asking me to sew some things... That inspired me to make a bumper for the baby cradle I have. (it was mine when i was a baby) I have (literally) an entire year of creativity bottled up and its trying to explode out! I have decided (against my better judgement)
to make a bumper using a "paper piecing" pattern and thats just the blocks.. I dont even have a pattern for the bumper itself.

on a side note: I was telling mat how excited I was about making the bumper for the cradle.. and he said I dont know what your talking about.. and I said you know the cradle in the bedroom? he said I know the cradle I dont know what a bumper is...hehe then of course he proceeded to try and convince me to use the one from the crib.. and I had to make my case that that would look rediculous, AND frankly I just wanted a project... at the end of all of it, he said well we can get you a new sewing machine if you think you'll use it.. WHAT A DEAL! What a good husband I have

Ok where was I? oh yeah the bumper.. ok I'm doing paper piecing.. AND I have decided that in the larger spaces of fabric I would like to do some Aplique pieces.. hehe anyone who actually knows what I'm talking about is saying.. better get that done before the baby is here... its a lot of work but I'm really excited about it right now.. (I'll let you know later if I'm still happy about it :))

Did I mention I am WAY behind in scrapbooking? ok lets see I am currently up to July of 05.. I think I'm going to try and just keep my scrapbook stuff out on the weekends and hopefully tues/thurs and try and get some stuff done. I'm getting a lot done and the all night scrapbook night have been awesome for me to finish stuff! I've got a lot done on the boys scrapbook, but I'm upto the point where everyone is alive... the next page is David after surgery.. dying in our arms.. I'm not ready to scrap that yet. I dont think anyone would blame me.. what I would like to do though is write down memories and things that I'm already realizing I've forgot so whenever I do decide to work on the book that its all there..

I also changed my too small clothes out for my maternity stuff! That was like Christmas! I got two boxes of clothes from auntie kelly and I'm so SO thankful her pants fit.. cause thats what I needed more of.. plus brin had given me some stuff that she never used.. needless to say I've also been doing a TON of laundry this week. hehe .. my stupid sensitive skin.. I have to use the no perfume no dye detergent or else I'm itchy.

my goodness this is a long post.. arent they always? hehe

ok well here are some pictures of our house..

MY new amoire

MAT's new tv :) we're movin' up in the world

I took this hoping you could see our new wall color better.. its like a slate/green/blue/grey...that I LOVE! good bye yellow!

Here's our little pumpkin patch!

Our ants found the weakest link..poor little pumpkin :)

This statue is SO not me.. but I cant get rid of it..

Our front door

My decorations I arranged myself! That is aunti cindy's bowl that we got for our wedding holding everything :)

our dining room

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Little Baby...

Well here is our little baby. This is a 3D pic... the baby is vertical, head up and facing the left side.

In this pic you can see the arm, and on the upper pic the arm isnt showing. Its just a little baby.. we wont be able to know boy/girl till christmas time. But he sure was a wiggle worm! it was cute.

It was really funny at the appointment.. they did the whole hog check up, including everyones favorite the pap smear. Well poor Mat had been through this before.. so he knew to stand up by my head while the doctor did his buisness.. Well what Mat didnt know was that the doctor did a breast exam first.. so The doctor is talking to me and starts to open the gown and poor Mat isnt really sure where to stand so he just stands facing the corner ... hehehehe.. then he takes his place up by my head and we get that all done.. and the nurse extends the little bed so I can take my feet out of the stirrups and rest my legs up... well I sat up but I hadnt scooted my but back from the edge and she Closes up the extension! I'm almost catapolted off the bed because my butt is not even on the my gown flys open (it opens in the front by the way)and I start laughing and the nurse is all flustered cause she thought I had scooted back.. it was quite a scene... of course ;)

Everything is still fine with the baby.. My appointment in December they will do the super ultrasound and check all the organs.

Thats it for now! only good news!

Autumn In Vermont...


This is a view of the Black River that runs through the middle of town

Typical view :)

More of Main street...


A sweet lady at church (from home) shared these with me. You can see why I miss home so much in the fall...Its so beautiful.

Monday, October 22, 2007

More Birthday Fun

Miss Evey and her punkin head :)

Peyton and her sweet piggy tails.

And now the best part.. here is a video Onawa took of all of us.. you can hear the dad's talking about naps.. and Lee thinks he is posing for a picture! hehehe.. then Jean is the best part.. she has a special announcement that cracks me up everytime i watch it... enjoy!

Justice Justice? hehehe we had a blast! and Jean brought little animal balloons for all the little babies, David and Isaac got the biggest ones :)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Boys birthday Card...

This is from Onawa :)

Also some good news: The boys share their birthday with Luke Soper now! His parents are our friends from church, Congrats! He came early last night, everyone is doing great.

David and Isaac's B-Day

Well yesterday was pretty wonderful. I was afraid of how I would feel, but Mat stayed home and we had a great day! we slept in, I gave mat a haircut, and we went to an afternoon movie, Elizabeth the golden age (I would recomend it), and then we visited some stores, and went out with our close friends for dinner to celebrate our boys birthday!

On another David and Isaac note... Some of you know I donated my breast milk after Isaac died.. well I got a certificate in the mail from the Mothers Milk Bank, it says, This Certificate is awarded to Natalie Tremblay in recognition of her donation of 800 ounces of human milk. 800!!! I had no idea how much I had donated.. I knew it was a lot.. CRAZY! So that will go in the boys scrapbook.. that their mom was a milk machine! hehe.

Ok here are some pics from last night...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Yes, I'm really only 9 weeks along.

I'm embarassed at how dirty my mirror is.. but I'm too lazy to clean and take ANOTHER picture.. so enjoy!

attack of the killer munchies...

I'm actually feeling pretty good. Except I cant stop munching all day long... it makes my nausea disapear which is awesome, but I cant stop!

You should see this belly of mine..I will take a picture and post it with this.. man, a guy at church asked shannon if I was 3 or 4 months along... nope sorry buddy just 9 weeks. If I didnt see it with my own eyes I wouldn't believe there was just one baby in there.

Mat and I went to Motherhood on saturday and I got a belly band. These things are great. They help my pants stay up without being squished by trying to do the hairtie trick (hair elastic around your button hole and button) Heck I recomend them even if you arent pregnant.. just having a bloaty day. :)

Mat keeps telling me I should just wear a toga. if I make some comment about my pants.. or shirts not fitting.. he says, "I'm tellin ya, TOGA" I'll tell you what, I dont know about the toga, but i will certainly be tempted to get suspenders.. I'm thinking about it right now.. me, suspenders, and a big belly.. shoot put a beard on my and call me santa.. or bucca.. HA!

But seriously I feel great.. really. A lot better than last time.. so much so I feel like I shouldnt even complain about anything.

This week is bitter sweet. I've cried more than I have in a while about the boys. I miss them a lot. Poor Mat.. he mentioned casually that the boys would almost be a year old, and I lost it. I'm so glad I'm pregnant. This season would be a lot harder if I wasnt. Thank you God.

Ok I will try and get a picture up quick, before my belly gets much bigger. AND on a WONDERFUL note, my friend Melissa and her husband Dave are coming back tonight from Africa bringing their sweet baby Ethan home for the first time. I'm so exctied for them. God is good.

Ok, till next time!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

We had our first Dr's Appt.

I will add on the ultrasound pic when the scanner is working.
BUT we have just ONE baby in there, but its "perfect" says Dr. M.

I was actually RELIEVED that it was one baby.. I thought for sure I would be dissapointed. I really wanted to have twins again.. but for the past month I've been REALLY thinking about two babies at a time.. and now to know its only one, I was relieved. I hope beyond hope that its a boy.

I love little boys. If its a girl its fine too.. today I'm just excited that everything looks fine.

I have another appointment in three weeks. I'm so glad to be going to see Dr. M again. Everyone that knew I was in the exam room came and said hi and gave us a hug.. what a difference from the the unmentionable office I went to earlier this year. ANYWAY..

I'm feeling so gushy today.. I just feel like calling Mat and telling him how much I love him.. but I would probably start crying and getting REALLY mushy.. We like to call those "girl moments" ... sometimes its a whole "girl day". I'm pretty sure this is a whole day.. because I just feel like lounging around eating icecream and watching Sex and the City... and maybe some Desperate Houswives.. and maybe a couple Father of the Bride movies... You ever have those days? I figure I might as well indulge while I can.. the next few months are my last days baby free.

Viva La Girl Day!

I called Shea today and told her about my appointment (which consisted of.. there is one baby.. everything is fine...) I realized how much I miss her. Its so nice to have someone you can just pick up the phone and talk to and you dont have to explain everything too.. she just knows me.. and asks the right questions.. and laughs at my jokes... usually making fun of myself. She is super excited to come down when the baby is born.. I'm going to love it too.. I should have a baby every month.. yeah right.. HA! my poor body.

Well I'm happy to report good reports.. the next time we go to the doctor we should be able to know that the baby has all his plumbing and kidneys, and bladder, and brain.. you know the important stuff ;) (see Shea would be laughing now..) Anyway till then we will just CLAIM the graciousness of God that he blessed us with a perfect little bean of a baby.. and know that he will be just fine!

On a secret note... I was up last night thinking of the horror of keeping up with Two Scrapbooks if it was twins.. HA! phew!

Thanks for your prayers, they helped more than you know.
see ya next time...