Tuesday, September 23, 2008

a look back...

One week old

One Month

Two Months

Three Months

Four Months

Five Months

5 Months OLD!

Yikes. 5 months sounds old. But Kenron is so fun right now I really dont miss the younger days, its just flying by too fast!

This weeks BIG news.. Kenron CUT HIS FIRST TOOTH!
its that little white dot on the left side (his right bottom tooth)
I took this picture right before his bath, its hard to see but he has cereal ALL over his face, hehe.

We also started vegtables! I'm making him food that's easy to make. Some stuff I dont want to mess with, like squash, I just bought a little jar. But now that they have the steam mirowave bags it makes it wicked easy to make and freeze my own baby food.
MMM I love sweet peas!

To my beloved sleep...

This is a classic saturday morning...

We are learning a thing or two about parenting.. the big one for me this week is Kenron doesnt sleep in :) He is doing so good sleeping through the night (8pm-7:30am) But he also wakes up that early on Sat. Luckily K is just about the happiest baby in the world when he wakes up so its really easy to want to get up and play with him, even if we arent fully awake yet.. Sorry bird. And yes mom he has shorts on...
To all of you with no kids/older kids enjoy a couple extra hours of sleep for me! cause I dont think the sandman will be visiting me on Saturdays till K can get Cereal and Cartoons by himself...and by then I'll probably have another baby...oiy
So long my beloved sleep, I truly look forward to our sweet reunion,

10 years from now...

Shhh.....do you smell something?

(*classic Ghostbusters line*)

Well folks it finally happened.. our dreaded beast of a fridge is finally gone! YAHOO

I came home last friday from scrappin and Mat says as I walk throught the door, "I think we need a new fridge" oh? why is that? "look...." As I walk around the corner I see that the door is shut but there is light shining through the side of it.. very clear as day. So #1 the door doesnt seal and #2 somehow the light is on ALL the time now.. great.

So my lovely husband did what he does best and jumped online the next morning and found the BEST deal. Now I find this sort of thing tedious, checking every store, checking every price, going back and forth and back and forth checking quality, size, efficiency...But not Mat, he lives for this sort of thing. Home Depot was having a sale and the one we got was more efficent, and bigger than the cheapest one at the other stores, AND we got free delivery and haul away. Excellent.

Goodbye moldy, dead bug infested peice of junk! Hello my beautiful white clean fridge that has a working water and ice machine, God bless you.

Fun with Daddy...

Kenron's Pepere bought him this shirt from a winning Red Sox game. It says, my first Red sox tee..

talking with a little extra surprise :)

I love my daddy!

Monday, September 22, 2008

September 12, 13, 14

This was a big weekend for K!
Friday he had rolled over from belly to back:

started grabbing his toes:

Saturday he had cereal for the first time:

Sunday was Baby Dedication day at church!

Mat was so cute, I dont think he could have been any prouder..and what about those ties? my guys are so handsome..

This is Sara and Ava, Sara and I were pregnant at the same time when I was pregnant with the twins.. she had a sweet baby Josie, but Josie died suddenly a couples months after Isaac died.. so the last baby sunday we were part of was pretty sad because our church family wanted to remember our babies who had already gone ahead of us to heaven. This was a bit of a weird day for both of us. We were so happy to now have K and Ava with us, but it felt strange not acknowledging the missing members of our family...in a way I can't explain.

We had a wonderful surprise when we got to church, Jennifer Morton had offered to take pictures of all the families with new babies! This one is my favorite of K.
Check out all the pictures of us here:
and make sure you check out the pics of K and evey too! K got his first kiss from Evey that day...
What a weekend!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Some of my Favorites from the Trip

Camping with Kenron

~the weather

~Seeing Mat introduce Kenron to his family

~the weather

Naked Baby Time outside because it was so beautiful out..(aka the weather)

My Top 5 Fav. Quotes:
~"Is what's his name sleepin?" - Noah
~"Kenny's got his grandbaby, you must be happier than pig in sh*t!" - Dad's Co-worker
~Mom - "Natalie says he takes after the Tremblay's because he likes to look at himself in the mirror..."
Mat - "Well I think he likes to listen to himself talk like the Crosses"
~Dad - "I would like to order the... Glub-mumble-.. this one"
Mom - "Glub Glub?"
~"Did you push that baby out?" - Kalum (4yrs) Mom just had a baby 5 days before...

Pizza from the local Subway

Going to Chester with Mom

Hanging out at Trisha's house

Laughing so hard I was crying...
This is what happened: Dad said something smart about something stinking.. and mom said, "Yeah well your breath stinks.." everyone is silent...and Leah looks at Justin and says "That sounds like you and your comebacks..." and Justin says, "See its not my fault... Sometimes all I can come up with is, "yeah well... YOU!"" (I'm still laughing so hard typing this)

Enjoying everyone else Enjoying the company of Kenron.

Listening to Justin tell stories.

Watching mom make Kenron laugh

Hearing Dad say "God we'll never stay here" while watching mom play with K.

Laughing with Leah about "TAKE COVER!!"

The weather

When mom's co-worker thought I was dad's trophy wife...

When Noah sat in the back of the van and sang Kenron to sleep.

Watching K get mezmerized by the polka dots on my "hooter hider" and then look up and smile at me :)

Seeing all K's Great Grandparents gush over him :)

When Noah and Ron beat Mat and Aaron at the last minute while playing StarWars RISK.

Trying on antique Hat's with mom and laughing so hard I thought I was going to pee my pants...

The weather...

The Tremblay Clan

Uncle Noah - Thought green poops, and Kenron's smiles were pretty funny.

Uncle David - The baby stealer, just like birdie.

Snoozin with Pepere - He learned all about Chocolate from Pepere

Auntie Trish! - He's laughing at Susan who is the Wiggles equivalent in baby entertainment

Not more that 2 minutes later.. tuckered out from all the entertainment

Mem got in on the snuggling...

4 Generations of Tremblays - Kenron's little smirk is totally from Mat.

All the boys - Uncle Aaron, Pepere, Bird, K and Uncle David.

Tia Chelsea! - Uncle Aaron's wife, She may try to steal the title of Favorite Daughter-in-law away from me.. but it'll never happen :) hehe I really had a good time visiting with Chelsea, I wish we lived closer.. *sigh*... Someday...

Uncle Pete - Was pretty impressed with what a good baby Kenron was :)

And last but not least.. yours truly and birdie.


Our first order of buisness when we got to Mass was to visit Mem and Pep's house!
Mem loved to snuggle Kenron, the poor baby was having a hard time with his bottom teeth coming in (ALREADY!?!)
Tremblay men telling tall tales.

The first trip we took was to the Norman Rockwell Museum! Norman Rockwell is my hero/idol/strive to be like someday. So when I realized it was in driving distance from Ron's house I HAD to go. It was great, I loved being able to see the paintings up close to see what his brushstrokes looked like, and I was really impressed with his technique. Mom and Dad took Ron,Mat and I out for lunch/dinner at the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge it was wonderful because we got to sit outside and the weather again, was perfect. It was a long day, so Kenron was pretty tuckered out when we got back.

But we were fresh and ready to head out the next day and go SHOP THE ANTIQUE STORES!! oh man, this is my FAVORITE thing to do. It was just K, Me, Mom and Dad in Mass but Mom, K and I got to go in VT too! Mom and I both found some treasures.. contemplated buying even more.. but this is what I came home with.. (the little book is from the N.R museum) There are 2 "Autumn Leaf" print bowls to add to my collection from Mac, 3 necklaces, and the rest are Christmas Ornaments.

Friday was Old Sturbridge Village!! hehehe this Picture of Birdie cracks me up!

This is the Carrige you could ride on...for a "small" ($5 a person!) fee

Kenron started smiling with his little tongue poking out when we were on vacation..he's too cute!

This was classic... Mom commented to the garden lady about her using sheep shears for clipping the veggies............40 minutes later shes Still going on about the garden and "jeruselem artichokes" Kenron and I managed to escape and find the other horse wagon guy! what a pair :)

Kenny-roo got a bath in Pepere's sink!

On the way home from Mass. after Mat left to the airport we stopped at the Yankee Candle Flagship Store where Mat and I used to meet when we were dating...

This is a picture of Me and K in the Gazebo where Mat proposed to me :)

We had so much fun introducing K to all the Tremblays and friends. I hope we can go back for Christmas!