Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Taking some steps!!!

Kenron finally started taking some steps last week. This was yesterday...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

11 months old

** sorry this took so long, we moved. I will post pictures soon.

this is 10 months

This is 11 months.. I couldnt get him to straighten out his legs so you cant see how much taller he is. He really has grown a lot.

Kenron is such a ham lately. He has this funny cheesy smile he does sometimes and he has the best laugh. He has all front 8 teeth now and is currently working on some more...

You can see him give me five in the video..

Kenron has always focused on the details or the little things.. since he was born. He sat here for about 20 minutes playing with a little piece of paper. He is REALLY into anything with buttons he can push. And if anything resembles a button he tries to push it. He is also very meticulous lately. In our new house we have lots and lots of cabinets that dont have child locks on them, (yet) and he really likes to open one and put a toy in, and close it. Then take the toy out and put another toy in and close it. If the toy is too big and the door wont close, he may try a few more times to make it fit, or he will go back to the other toy he knows will fit, and then move on to the next toy. You can see him do it with the moving box and the purple toy in the video...

This video is really long, in the begining Mat is yelling from the bathroom "Your mother took all the doors off so I can't poop with the door closed.." (the door was off because we were paining in the bathroom) you cant hear it but you hear me talking to him - just so your not confused. However Kenron does say da-da, ya-ya, crawls, and is pretty cute.

He is crawling REALLY fast and will take a step or two but he's not walking yet. I think because he can crawl so fast he doesnt care about walking. He did just start dancing and Mat and I cant get enough! He cracks us up!

He is babbling like he's having a conversation using all kinds of sounds. He only is saying a couple words at the moment its Da=Da Ya-Ya and he "Woofs" like a dog, and I think he is saying Uh-OH. He actually is imitating sounds A LOT. He imitates the phone ringing, and the dogs barking, and people singing on the tv. He was imitating Melanie at the store last week. She was saying "OH! I love the flowers, OH! look at those, Ohh I like these..." and he kept saying "Aaaooohhh" like she was :) it was pretty cute. He likes to "sing" its a prety cute.

He also has been pretty snuggly/a little grumpy after his afternoon nap, so this is a typical Kenron around 4ish.. chillin with a snack and his drink. He can hold his sippy cup now all by himself, and he can drink out of a straw sippy cup!