Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Trash? Trash?"

Kenron has a new fascination with putting his diaper in the trash. I hope he still likes doing it when Axel comes along.. this could prove to be VERY helpful.

K's sleeping habits.

Mat's been putting Kenron to bed for quite a while now, but tonight I decided I would give him some relief and take over bed time duty. Well I didnt know, but apparently this is how kenron has been falling asleep lately -

in the middle of "peek a boo" with his blanket.

I cant stop laughing thinking about it. What a funny kid.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kenron saying his animal sounds..

His says everything but the dog.. which is funny because "woof, woof" was one of his first words.. hehe what a funny kid.

Climbing Kenron...

This kid is ALL boy. He loves to climb climb climb

In everything...

and on everything...

Friday, July 10, 2009

few more of our trip to New England..

Santa and his elves went out for icecream :) hehe
Mac and Pa
Kenron in his cut new swimsuit
This is what the camper floor looked like most of the time :)
Ya-ya again getting in on the fun... "Hat?"
And the best breakfast I had the whole time I was there!! Yum, trout and eggs.

Sibling Love...

Me Justin and Shan
the "belly shot"
I like this one of all of us. Kenron sure did love spending time with Uncle Bub and Tia Leah! I hate that we dont get to see them more.

The Carrousel...

Does it get any cuter?

You should have seen mom and noah running around trying to get K to smile, it was so cute!

Pepere' and Noah came to visit us in Maine

Wednesday Ron and Noah came to see us in Maine. This was the .5 day of sunshine. When they first got to the house Kenron went crazy over noah! I really believe that he remembered Noah because he kept going over to him and giving him hugs, and Kenron doesnt do that to ANYONE, not even me or Mat. It was so cute, my heart was melting.
We went to the beach and Noah was supposed to just put his toes in.. but pretty much got soaked.. We had fun watching him try to not get wet :)
Ron took him on lots of walks along the beach and was baffled that kenron kept throwing away the good shells they found and only wanted to keep the rocks. I just laughed because Kenron is obsessed with rocks right now.
Ron bought us some pizza on the Pier after we went shopping for "Chocolates" at this cute candy shop.
He also gave Kenron his first taste of cotton candy. Kenron wasnt too sure about it :)

It was so good to see a part of the Tremblay clan. I was so bummed it didnt work out for K and I to go down to Mass. and see everyone else, but the timing just didnt work for this trip. Next time we go we will have Axel to introduce to all of them!

Cabin Fever Sets in....

Have I ever told you how awesome my mom is at entertaining? She is known far and wide for her ability to evoke laughter from the young and young at heart....
She put the beach toy bag over her head and Kenron thought that was pretty hysterical...
Peek a boo!
In this one she's saying.. "Ow Ow my earing!!!" hehehehhe

Kenon (and Axel) has a pretty awesome Ya-ya. Thanks for all your help mom, it was the best vacation I've had in a while!

The Children's Museum in Portland ME

For one of the rainy days Kenron, Ya-ya, uncle Bub and I went to the Children's museum in Portland Maine. It was a GREAT place to spend the morning.
collecting eggs and flying the space shuttle
Ya-ya waiting for K to come in the tree house
Getting the Whole World painted on his cheek
The Pirate Ship with Uncle Bub!
I dont know who had more fun: Ya-ya, Bub or Kenron.

We went to New England at the end of June.

These are from one of the 2.5 days of sunshine we had all 14 days!

We really had a lot of fun, but I have to admit by about day 6-7 Mom and I had a little pity party about how much it was raining. This day was SUCH a beautiful day, we were soaking it all up!

Ok so I've been gone a while...

Here is Axel at 25 weeks along - I think he might look a bit more like Mat than Kenron did.

He looks like his brothers

I think this last one definately looks like a tremblay baby.

Here is me TODAY @ 27 weeks pregnant

Kenron wanted to get in on the picture taking.