Friday, September 18, 2009

Some Kenron videos

Kenron is playing with his dinosaur and you can hear him starting to repeat LOTS of words..

Kenron after his bath reading one of his books....

Kenron has lately been saying "One...." and waiting for us to say "two three!" and he jumps off of things.. here he is being silly jumping off the carpet.

This last video was taken with our NEW camera - it takes them in HD. Fancy, but takes longer to download :)

I have been nesting nesting NESTING!!! I cant stop. I have been working on both of the boys rooms slowly.. but now they are just about finished so I will post pictures of those really soon. 10 days left till Axel is here!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Thinking Happy Thoughts..

Ok so I'm tired of whining about these last few days of being pregnant so I'm taking my own advice I gave the other day and I'm writting down things to be thankful for so I can remember all the good things and blessings I have in my life, here goes nothing:

Dancing with the Stars in coming back on in a few days
Kenron has been wonderfully sweet to be around lately
These are my last few days with K as my only child - enjoy them
I am able to complete my "To Do" list before Axel comes
I love the name Axel
I love that fall is coming...sweaters, crisp air, playing outside, apples, pumpkin flavored everything... ahhhhhh glory days.
I have a huge rug coming in a few days for our living room
Mat bought us a new camera for Axel coming!
We have a new house to bring out baby home to
My Parents are coming in just a few days for a long visit.
Shea is going to Dallas so I can see her soon
I can still sleep through the night.
I have my baby shower on Saturday
Which means I can SPEND MONEY/GO SHOPPING for baby stuff :)
I weigh less than I ever have being pregnant.
Mat are so in love right now, and its beyond wonderful.
Did I mention fall is coming? which means WINTER IS COMING TOO
I cant wait to introduce Axel to our family. especially Mat's family.
I have wondeful friends who are throwing me a shower, even though its my second baby, and ANOTHER boy.
I painted in Axels room and it looks AWESOME.
I dont feel like God isnt listening to me anymore.
21 days from now it will be my last day with itchy skin.
Kenron is walking and talking and it makes it easy to imagine another baby in our lives.
I love my little family and i cant wait to be a family of 4. Especially with Mat.

Ok that was some good therapy. I needed that, and I hope it reminds you of all the good things in your life. I cant promise I wont have weak moments in the next few days.. I am pregnant and hormonal after all.. but I WILL promise to think of and reflect on these good blessings in my life. have a wonderful week.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Major Klunck-a-roo

Kenron was having an "off day" on monday. No doubt recovering from a rough weekend when we figured out that he is probably allergic to Penicillin like his daddy. BUT we decided to go to our play date with Pam and Conner and it took him a little while to warm up to all the new things.. but he did, and was even having a GRAND time when all of a sudden he decided to try and go down one little step forward instead of turning around and backing down the step. I dont blame him - the step couldnt have been higher than 4" but his little shoe didnt clear the step and gravity and momentum took over - he fell forehead first onto a brick patio....

He made a quick recovery after some mommy snuggles and lunch. funny thing is after that happened and he had a nice nap the good old Kenron was back! The regular sweet Kenron had disapeared for about a month. He had 8 teeth coming in at the same time, and with Mat working crazy overtime; the days were pretty bleak at the tremblay house. It is beyond words how lovley it is to have my sweet Kenny roo back.