Tuesday, January 29, 2008

25 weeks

Ok this week is a tribute to one of my favorite shows...


Since this crazy writers strike there isnt a whole lot to look forward to.. but on thursday that will all change...

Am I right Brotha?

Here are my top 10 things I like about LOST
10. The fact that they dont tell you the whole story
9. They killed off anna lucia
8. They kill off all the annoying girls plus Micheal
7. Jin and Sun
6. I like how John always has faith
5. Sawyers reading glasses
4. Desmond
2. How you get snippets of their former lives
1. Sawyer - "am I right ladies?"

Ok I found this on youtube, and was laughing at myself that I was watching it.. but this is so Bad its Good. Guys dont bother watching...its a montage of Sawyer.

PS.. my mom called us at 7:30 this morning because she forgot the time change.. She desperately needs to get back to work :) hehehehe

OH!! and kenron has been doing these CRAZY big kicks.. like that scene from Alien.. I've felt it a couple times and its actually scared me.. his leg comes like 2 inches out of my stomach and it is SO creepy if your hand is over that spot.. OK, so Mat and I were laying in bed watching TV and Kenron was REALLY awake.. and he did one of those crazy kicks and I inhaled really quick cause it scared me again.. and I told Mat "FEEL THAT!"... it took a while but I would move his hand around to where Kenron was moving and it finally happened.. he kicked and Mat exclaimed "HOLY CRAP!!" I started laughing so hard I couldnt talk.. i finally got out.. "I told you he's been doing that! isnt it WEIRD???"

And I finally got my baby registry all set. We registered for stuff at Babies R Us, Walmart and Target.. there were a few things at each store I wanted. Its crazy how much stuff we already have, people were so good and generous to our boys, we dont need a whole lot for Kenron.

Next appointment is next tuesday. Glucose Screening test, Ultrasound, set a date for the C-section.. pretty cool huh? So next time we'll have pictures of our sweet baby!

Friday, January 25, 2008

To Kenron...

Dear Kenron,
Yesterday your crazy Ya-Ya fell and broke her arm. I know you may be concerned but dont worry she's fine. In fact the story is quite funny. You see as she was scurrying around in her morning routine, she needed to get a water bottle. Since the water bottle was WAY high up in the cupboards she put her knee up on the counter to hoist herself up. As she retreived the bottle and was coming down off the counter her pant let got caught on the lower cupboard knob. As she tried to catch herself and figure out why she was not landing on two feet the cupboard door suddenly opened up with pant leg still attached! So her cupboard free, and sock covered foot hit the floor and slipped out from her, as the knob still clung to the pantleg of her pants... after doing a split in the air she finally fell on her left hand.. breaking her wrist in 3 places.

The hero of her day was only two rooms away... Your Paw-Paw heard some commotion and came to see what was wrong... finding your poor Ya-Ya sprawled out on the kitchen floor, pant leg still attached to the cupboard, he asked,"What the hell happened?" She started crying and told him that she had broken her arm... He asked if she needed him to take her somewhere and she said yes... so he thought quick and helped your Ya-Ya get her rings and watch off that hand and proceeded to the hospital.
Have no fear she is fine and taking it easy. I dont know if she will still have a cast when you make your final debut, but I'm sure it will not get in the way of her holding and loving you :)
love you sugar bear,

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

6 months! (24 weeks)

Is it just me or has time flown by? I actually asked God to please please please! Dont let this be a LOOONNGGGG Pregnancy. He has answered my prayers. Granted we all know its the last bit that seems to take forever.

Ok this week so far.. umm well I've had a lot more aches and pains in my lower abdomen. I think its just Kenron growing...I think...there hasnt been anything that has made me feel like I need to call the dr., but still its a different ache than last time.. but I'm sure its because Kenron is so much LOWER than the twins.

Mat had the day off yesterday! that was fun. We slept in late, and went to the mall and had lunch and watched National Treasure. Both were excellent :) Then we went to Motherhood and I got myself a nursing nightgown with a robe to go with it. Mat was super.. it was STINKING HOT in there, and he still even came in the dressing room when I asked (not rolling his eyes) and looked to see if my conclusion was right that the large was a good size... his only comments were "Can you get em' out of there?" (reffering to my ever increasing dolly parton boobs) and I proved I could.. so with out a flinch we paid full price and off we went to cooler weather.

I'm starting to feel big.. I was trying to figure out when I should officially "quit my gym" I havent gone for a couple weeks.. its stupid to pay for it.. I was hoping I would feel better so I could go a little more often.. but I'm starting to have too many aches and pains to feel good about exercising.. Trust me I'm the furthest from committed you will ever find, but I hope I will start back up when I feel like it after our sweet Kenron is here.. but it will be spring and summer and hopefully we can get some walks in together and be a bit more mobile with out paying a monthly fee.. till I feel like it.

I have been getting REALLY excited about Kenron coming.. and being a mom. I had a moment yesterday (which I knew I would eventually) that I looked at Isaac's photo and had no emotional mom feeling. It made me sad after I realized it.. and I felt a twinge of guilt that I've been so excited about Kenron...but I know that Isaac and David are happy for us that we have another baby coming, and they are happy and healthy in heaven.. but sometimes its still hard.. Mat finally switched the pictures all onto the new computer and I found the folder of pictures of our boys.. I cried a bit.. but good crying. I dont freak out about Kenron being sick anymore.. if anything I freak out that he'll come early and be in the NICU.. I REALLY dont want to do that again.. having a baby in the NICU.. but I dont freak out that he wont make it. I feel good about how God has been healing my heart with this little baby.

ok.. on a fun note.. the parents website says that Kenron is the size of a half gallon of milk! Crazy! He feels like he is that big.. OH!!! and Mat has finally been able to feel him kicking consistantly.. its so cute.. Mat's so cute that is. At night I wake up to him with his arm wrapped around me and Kenron. This morning Kenron was litterally kicking him in the butt.. hehe I found that pretty funny.

ok here is my new secret crush.. despite popular belief its not viggo.. but it could be his brother...yum.

Friday, January 18, 2008

23 weeks.

Well this week was pretty uneventful baby-wise. Kenron is still kicking around like crazy. Sometimes he does HUGE kicks.. it feels like it shakes my whole uterus! He's a strong little boy.

Mat bought himself a new computer, from which I'm coming to you LIVE! Its pretty nice.. AND he hooked up the old computer so the TV in the living room is the monitor so we can use a computer in there.

Evey went on to greener pastures this week. She is now going to Tiffany and her buddy Peyton's house on tues/thurs. I'm going to miss hanging out with her, but I know she will have WAY more fun at Peyton's house, and Kenron is getting too big for me to chase her around.

Speaking of which.. I've only gained 10 lbs so far :) I was pretty impressed since that includes the holidays.. and trust me I haven't denied myslef any food.

Well this week has some more birthdays.. Dad (Paw-Paw) on the 16th and Justin (my brother)today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WE LOVE YOU!!!

Next week.. 6 MONTHS!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

22 weeks update

ok a small update.

I had a dr's appt. today, no ultrasound. Everything is great.. everyone said I looked great, have i told you how much I love my doctor? He said you look great! your carrying great... He checked out my c-sect. scar and his eyes got really big he said, "is that your scar! Man, I did a really good job.. shoot I really have A LOT to live up to this next time..." hehe I said, I know, you can hardly see my scar.

Kenron is good, Kicking a TON. he kicked the nurses doplar when she was trying to get his heart beat :) hehe

Dr. M also said that we can schedule Kenron's c-section for 38-38.5 weeks, which traslates to the last week in April 27th-30th. Cool huh? we'll know for sure next time we go in february.

Kenron got a HUGE box of clothes from his friend Edward this week. Sunny and Brady are Edwards parents. He was born in the spring last year so Kenron will will be able to use ALL his clothes! Thank Edward!!

Oh and this week is Pepere's Birthday! (Mat's dad Ron) He will be the Big 5-0. Happy Birthday Pepere we love you!!! We miss you too! :)

this is Ron with Mat .. he just has a little less hair.. and a little more grey now :) hehe

Friday, January 4, 2008

I smelt my own FART!

oh yes.. this week was a crazy one.

First off most of you know I cant smell. Occasionally I have what I describe as "my nose suddenly turns on for a moment". Well lately and VERY specifically this week I have been able to smell a few things more often. For instance.. Mat was brushing his teeth, and I walked by the bathroom and instantly I could smell mint! I realized it was from Mat.. COOL!.. well this smelling this isnt all its cracked up to be. I was cooking and freaked a little when I kept smelling something that was "weird" and I asked Mat to come in and smell everything... he said did you turn on the gas burner? and I said yes.. he said I just smell a little left over gas.. its normal. Yikes.. and then last night.. I had gone to the gym earlier that day and realized i hadnt stretched and my legs were starting to cinch up on me.. so I was on the living room floor stretching like a good pregnant lady.. and yes like a pregnant lady I had to pass my gas.. lately there isnt much room for anything but my guts and Kenron. It took me a split second.. and I thought to myself, "gosh I'm smelling gas again... no wait this is like rancid gas... what the heck am I smelling?" ... "oh my gosh I just farted..." "I SMELT MY OWN FART!".. (mat from the other room) WHAT? .. "I SMELT MY OWN FART!!" ... no reaction .. hehehehehehe

I appologize to any and all who have had to suffer my stink. I only feel like I should appologize because 99% of the time I cant smell yours.

The other lovely part of this week was a melt-down. I had a total complete mental/emotional melt down. I knew it would happen, it happened last time, but this time I felt guilty about it because I felt like I had nothing to be worried about. But that day I did. It was Mat's last day of vacation, and to me it felt like the LAST DAY EVER I WOULD HAVE MAT WITHOUT A BABY... so I tried to see if he wanted to do something.. go to a movie.. rent a movie.. go out to lunch? nothing.. well that was a the straw that broke the camels back.. I was crying, but i was mad because I "thought" mat was being a jerk.. (he wasnt by the way)... and then I was crying uncontrolably.. I couldnt stop. and suddenly I realized what was wrong. I had been trying SO HARD not to feel overwhelmed with having a baby.. but I was. I mean in my mind I should be elated.. OVERJOYED that this baby was coming right? I mean I just lost two.. and only one is here.. thats not a big deal.. right? well no its not a big deal.. but when I felt guilty for feeling a little overwhelmed I've been swallowing it and not dealing with it.. well like I said there isnt much room for anything inside except me and Kenron so out came the emotions. Mat came in the room and hugged me for a while.. and let me just tell him all the things I was feeling.. and I told him I wasnt mad at him.. just having a bad day. Then he said the most loving thing... " I think your normal" :) hehe.

So that was fine.. I'm ok now and I'm sure I will still have moments of being scared.. but like Mat said, (and I already knew) its normal to be scared. I'm just not going to feel guilty about it anymore.

Ok so despite all that, there has been a wonderful silver lining to the end of this week: