Friday, October 31, 2008

One more thing..

Evey's costume was just as cool if not Better than ours.. GOOD JOB ONAWA!
Evey was not fooled at all by Mat's costume, she saw him from down the hall and yelled "MAT!" What a smart cookie she is.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Its a bit uncanny.. even freaky, how much he resembles Jack Sparrow.

Knock Knock Night

We ruled Knock Knock night at church! Doesn't Mat look great? I couldnt have done it without shannon.. she helped a TON. We had so much fun, I loved seeing the kids reactions. Happy Halloween!

Kenron and the Great Pumpkin!

Thanks to Aunti Shan-shan for these awesome pictures.

Trunk or Treat!

Evey invited us to her school to go Trunk or Treating.. Holy Cow was it COLD!!!
Squishy face!
Dorthy was a bit cold too!
But still so cute!

Kenron was a hotdog and he was nice and warm.. Mat and I took turns holding him to keep US warm :)

Then we went out to eat, it was much warmer in there.
I love love LOVE this picture.. "CHEESE!" Evey is currently enamored with Mat...
Kenron and Rusty

Sittin' Up

We realized Sunday (10-26) that Kenron was actually sitting up by himself pretty well!

Kenron loves to hang out with Dad :)

Grammie and Bucca...

They came to visit for the weekend (10/17-19)We had so much fun visiting, eating and hanging out with Kenron! I made apple crisp with some of the apples that Bucca brought and it was THE BEST APPLE CRISP I"VE EVER HAD. Shannon and Mat agreed... I was going to post a picture but it literally didnt last long enough :) We cant wait to see you again! love you grammie and grampa bucca!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

6 months old.

How is it possible that an entire half of a year has gone by?

Kenron now sleeps 10-12 hours, straight, in his room at night.
His naps during the day equal 3 hours.. how and when they happen is not set in stone.
He is eating at least twice a day really good. By really good I mean a whole jar of food.
He eats "mom food" at 8, 11, 2-3, 5-6, and 8pm

He is rolling around like a champ!
he hasnt quite got the forward scoot down but it wont be long.
He loves the remote.
He's starting to sit up by himself.

He smiles at pretty much everyone.
He says Da-da-da-da-da-deah-da-da DAH-da-da....
I swear he has started throwing little fits if he doesnt get what he wants.

Kenron you make being a parent such a Joy. Thank you for being so sweet and happy, and thank you for keeping me humble when you throw up on me first thing in the morning :) We love you sugar bear, mom and dad.

Do you believe in life after love?

Kenron channeled his inner Cher...

I had dis-assembled a wig to add more hair to the original wig for Mat's costume (To Be Announced) and this is what was left. I could not stop laughing when he had this on, Mat came in and laughed and then said "freaky.." hehehe

K's new trick

This video is kind of long, but you can see he's rolling over a bunch now and is starting to do the "carpet swim" it cracks me up! it wont be long before he's scooting...

disclaimer: Mat was watching this history channel thing on a vampire lady, it was pretty interesting but I was paranoid that you would be able to hear it on the video so I'm talking A LOT. Sorry.

Monday, October 20, 2008


As I was checking out of Cracker Barrel I saw these...

Two little babies to remind us of our sweet boys in heaven. I thought it was pretty much perfect :)

Two years ago.

Well we had a really nice Saturday. It was the twins birthday and Grammie and Bucca were here, and the weather was GORGEOUS! SOO in the morning we took it easy, grammie and I went to 7eleven and got some coffee and the newspaper. Shannon came over and we had some lunch. After that we got ready and headed down to Brick Town and walked around Bass Pro Shop and got some ice cream. Man, the weather was just so beautiful! Then we met up with Rusty, Onawa, and Evey at Cracker Barrel and had a WONDERFUL waitress and some good food, and good fun.
Happy Birthday David and Isaac, We love you!

I really hope we can make this such a fun tradition for our family each year. Something ALL of our kids can look forward to. Thanks everyone for all your sweet notes and emails you sent, its so wonderful to know our boys are remembered with such love.

Smiling at Daddy..

Kenron loves his daddy.. and bath time.. oh he just kills me.

I love you sugar bear.

Kenron's first birthday party

Our friend Ellie turned 3 and she had a PRINCESS PARTY!

Kenron is playing it cool for the camera...
I love to party with Melanie and Keenan!Me, K, Ellie's mom Snow White, and JT. My camera sort of died after this so I didnt even get a picture of the birthday girl...Sorry Ellie, but we had A LOT of fun at your party, thanks for inviting us!


In case you've never seen our living room...

this is what i looks like most of the time.. I call it Kenronville.
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