Friday, March 28, 2008

youtube - debut

Ok here he was yesterday...
About half way in he gets a bit crazy.

on the right side of the screen/my belly is his little bum-bum that sticks up. His legs are on the left side kickin out.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

More presents!

Look what we got today! a box of goodies from my dear friend Summer. When I saw that blanket with his name on it I almost cried :) We dont have anything yet with his name on it. It just makes it all the more real... that he's a real baby, and he's really coming! She also sent me scrapbook stuff and that sweet puppy dog plays music, and a swaddle blanket, breast pads and burp cloths and wash cloths. And for you scrapin ladies.. you can REALLY appreciate the card... It was made with her NEW "Cricut" that her husband bought her for her new mom gift. Kudos for him huh?

***I took a video of Kenron moving around in my belly this morning.. but I'm having computer issues trying to get it ready to show. Last night at church some people saw him moving around in my belly.. He's crazy! Because he's "sunny side up" (head down but face out)his legs face out and you can SEE when he's awake. Luke's daddy, Kyle, could see him moving from the row behind us! the couple next to us said, "WOAH!" and a few ladies got to feel him doing his kick boxing. hopefully I can get Mat to help me get the video to work and I will post it.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

33 weeks

Well I just got back from "Just Between Friends" and got all kinds of good stuff for Kenron.
Here is me today...

ps...can you see my stupid tan line on my right forearm (holding the camera)? Its from when we were staining the dresser and I had those yellow gloves on.. awesome.

Here is what I got Kenron...

Starting from top left, going clockwise...(you can click on the pic to make it bigger)
a rear view mirror (to see the baby in the car seat), 3 summer hats for his little head, a "Hooter Hider" cover (for when your breast feeding in public), a diaper pail (one that uses regular bags) toys that attach to the carseat and stroller, a jumpy seat that attaches to the door frame (it has padding on the sides!) and in the seat can you see those little socks? they look just like shoes! Rachel helped me find a BRAND NEW set! there are 6 socks in there, all different colors that look just like tiny shoes :) I also got some soft books and the "Shop and Play" is a grocery cart cover with toys attached - it was brand new, never been used! What a deal!

And here was project #4 I did this on monday...

Its a lining for the window that makes it look "frosted" So no one can peek in the shower, and we dont have to have a curtain in there anymore.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Project week

Oh yes.. I'm lovely. I know. oh my goodness can you see that belly? This is my "trailer trash look" refinishing furniture on my front porch.. haha. I really do have shorts on I promise.. Some guy with tinted windows and a loud bass slowed down as he drove by.. and I thought to myself.."really?" hehe

This was a big project week. Shannon came over for her Spring Break and we started working on ALL the projects I have wanted to do before Kenron is here.

Project #1: BEFORE - Plain white walls and chipped up trim...

AFTER! Its a little cluttered right now. I'll take more pics when its totally set up, arent' the curtains so cute? My mom made them for the baby room.

Project #2: BEFORE - Andrew and Natasha gave us this dresser...

AFTER! We stripped, sanded, and refinished it...I think it looks pretty darn good.

Project #3: BEFORE - The entry way tile needed help, so we pulled it up...

AFTER!! we got a steal of a deal on laminate tiles for 40 cents! much better!

We are Women here us roar! Oh my goodness we are tired! I couldnt have done it without Shannon.. No WAY No HOW! THANK YOU AUNTIE SHANNON!! She made my lunch everyday on top of helping! I dont know if she's for hire though. ;) hehe Mat got to just come home each day and see the "new" thing we finished for the day.
You can also see we got even MORE presents this week for Kenron. In the picture of the room "after" there is a pack and play (in front of the changing table)- Brand New from Trisha, Auntie Cindy, and Grammie Cross!! AND Sunny, Brady and Edward sent us even MORE clothes (sitting on the changing table in the oatmeal box) My goodness Kenron is such a lucky boy.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

32 weeks - ULTRASOUND!

Here's our little chubby bunny...

This one I think his nose is a bit squished.. he is definately head down now, so we were REALLY lucky to get such good pics of his face. Can you see his sweet little fingers up by his chin?

This is an actual ultrasound of his face.. the top of his head is on the right side and his chin is on the left...his hand is on the top of his cheek.. you can see his eye, nose and lips are the dark shapes...

man, in the top pictures I think he looks a bit like Mat.. but in the middle one it looks like me.. well my brother Justin... I cant hardly stand it.. I can't wait to meet this little man.

We got this in the mail yesterday!

Its from Kenron's Great Memere! She made it for Kenron, Isn't that the cutest? I just love Mat's Memere and Pepere, they are so good to us. I know Kenron will love laying on that and looking at all the colors!

Well for an update, Shannon is here with us this week for her spring break, so she is helping me paint the baby's room. The walls are done but we still need to paint the inside of the closet.. I will post pictures when its done.

My itchy skin IS BACK!!!! heaven help me. My doctor is so sweet.. he was nice and just wrote me the prescription for what i had last time, he didnt even do blood work. I know why women tend to fall in love with their OB/GYN ;) He also found that I have some stones in my Gullbladder.. so he will keep an eye on them and if I have any pain in that area I'm supposed to call him asap. He said that's probably a reason my itchy skin is back. Its not that crazy rash.. it has something to do with my liver count, and my gull bladder. yuck. Either way its not a huge deal.. it just makes me want to rip my skin off. hehe.

Ok so Kenron is measuring at over 4lbs. And he is so LOW in my pelvis its starting to hurt a bit.. in my hips and pelvic muscles. Its pretty rediculous to watch me try and roll over in bed. It takes me forever. So with this silly itchy skin, that is way worse at night, and my achy abdomen.. I'm getting REALLY anxious to meet this baby :)

People are saying how big I'm getting.. but it doesnt even bother me.. because I feel SO SMALL compared to last time. Its so much easier this time, and I'm so much more comfortable.. (despite my skin.) SO... 6 more weeks from today and Kenron will already be here!! crazy! I'm getting so excited!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

31 weeks

Well Saturday, me and Jean spent most of the day on this:

Mat came up the the church building at about 3 (We had been there since 8am) and helped us finish up the lettering. What a guy! This thing is about 8' tall!
Our church is having a HUGE Easter egg hunt for the kiddos. They are also using Easter as a time to invite new people.. So far over 1,000 people have been invited! Of course not all of those people said yes they will come, but people have gotten out of their comfort zones and started inviting.

Yesterday me and Kenron got a HUGE box of stuff from (my) Trish and her boys. She sent a double breast pump, a bottle drying rack, a bottle warmer for the diaper bag, some cute cold weather shirts for Kenron, and some clothes for me! And this was the sweetest gift of all...

Its my dad's :) I think that his Aunt Marion made it for him, and Grammie had sent it to Trish, and Trish was so sweet to pass it along to me. Isn't that one of the cutest things you have ever seen? hehe unfortunately my mind cant help but picture my dad (today) wearing that little cap.. hehehe

One other thing that has been on my heart today is this silly Sally Kern thing. She's a representative of Oklahoma City, and she said some VERY strong things about the homosexual community. And I just dont agree with her.
Well I watched an interview with her this afternoon. She said she was asked to talk about the homosexual agenda in politics.. meaning that they are trying to eliminate the Conservatives. She said it was no different than a Republican talking about how Democrats would like to eliminate Republicans. Ok I sort of get that.
She also said that homosexuals are a greater threat to this country than Terrorism. She just said in that interview that what she meant was, that she was trying to make a point that terrorists destroyed our lives, and that the homosexual agenda is trying to eliminate our family values and if our family values disappear it will be just as strong a hit on our country.
Now, I've shared with some of you my struggle through these past couple years with how we as Christians should be when it comes to the homosexual community. I have several friends from my youth that are Gay. I still havent come to any solid conclusions.
BUT! God is showing me more and more that hateful speech is not the way. I realize Sally Kern did not intend for this to happen. But doesnt this reinforce that the world is ALWAYS watching us as Christians? Frankly I'm embarrassed. I know in my past I have not handled talking about the Gay lifestyle well. In fact I've probably ruined any hope of being a friend ever again to my best friend in high school, Adam.

God is love. I dont think this is showing the world God's grace... Do you? I agree with Sally that God didnt intend for families to be made up of a Gay couple.. but did God intend for families to include, alcoholics? drug addicts? abusive parents? divorced parents? My point is that we (even under the "christian" name) are doing quite a job on our own of ruining the "family" God intended. I dont think there is a need to point fingers, but to embrace in love.

There are a million things I could type, but I did like what this author had to say:
The fact is she does have the right to her free speech, and I am glad that she does, despite what she might have said. But maybe we can learn a bit from her that especially in this day and age, people are listening to what you say. We as Christians need to remember that. We need to have words of love and grace, not those of condemnation.

Thanks for listening to my rant.

Friday, March 7, 2008

CHEESE! 30 weeks

Well this is what I look like right now, today. Shirts are starting not to fit anymore and I'm having some more aches and pains.. but hear me they are NOTHING like last time.. this is WAY easier. I can still sleep at night! I am hot all the time. I realized it was 65 in the house today, I only had a tshirt on and I was totally comfortable.

Mat has started sleeping with an extra blanket. Its actually quite wonderful. He puts the twin size quilt under the covers on his side. This lets me enjoy sleep for two reasons. My skin is getting a bit sensitive.. so if Mat's hairy leg brushes me the wrong way it itches and I get annoyed, BUT he is tucked away,under the quilt.. no problem. The other reason is.. I was setting the temp low at night so I wouldnt be too hot. But Mat was freezing so he was snuggling up to me.. making me hot still. Now with the blanket he is wrapped up all cozy and I am blissfully in my own temperature range.. usually with one or two legs hanging out of my covers.

Well Rachel (Luke's mom) emailed me about this consignment sale "Pass it on" at a church in town. So I decided it wouldnt hurt to go check it out. Well I'm glad I did because I found an extra carseat base for 10$! (they were 30$ at walmart) And of course I couldnt really help but get some clothes for Kenron.

I did the math and I averaged 3$ for each outfit. What a deal! The little green outfit has a cute moose on it.. and on the back it says "Moose on the loose" hehe I couldnt resist.

I still dont have a "brown line" down the center of my belly.. I didnt last time either.. but you know whats weird? I get brown armpits. I was sitting on the couch watching kenron move all around in my belly.. and Mat came it and I said.. I dont have a brown line again do I? (because I cant really see my belly) and he said "nope........but you have a brown butt crack! hahaha" hehehe.. ahh true love.