Thursday, January 14, 2010

Merry Christmas to ME.

Mat thought up this one all on his own. I LOVE this present. No one should love an appliance this much. Its a single cup coffee maker.

Why do I love it so much? Because it allows me to have a few minutes of "me time" each morning with very little effort. It takes me longer to toast my english muffin than to brew this coffee.As a mother of two small children I love that I can sit down, check my email, facebook, or whatever and enjoy a cup of coffee for a few minutes by myself. Coffee drinking is really more of an event than a beverage after all.

Thanks birdie, this is my favorite gift.

But this one is a close second...

I have had that huge gaudy antique mirror in the middle for a few years now, and I loved it. It really didn't go with anything of mine, but I knew someday I could make it work. Then I was reading Liz's blog and got this idea to just add MORE mirrors!

So when I was home, my brother joined my mom and I as we made our usual trip to the antique store and I was instantly inspired to make my idea a reality...

I'm pretty satisfied with this side of the bunch.

This side needs some larger mirrors, but I was too excited about it all so I put them all up and decided to call it "a work in progress". I cant wait to add more antique mirrors. These are a mix of real antiques and Hobby Lobby.

I held back a gasp when I found this set of gold maple leafs stuck in a wooden bucket on the floor. It said they were used on a sugar house to sell maple sugar. Those of you who know my love of maple leafs would have jumped up and down and squeeled with me. But since I was alone in the isle I grabbed them up and tried to keep my heart from bursting out of my chest.

This was actually the first mirror I found. It was actually quite comical because I had JUST said to my brother "I'm looking for any sort of gaudy gold framed mirrors to put on my wall" and I turned around and looked deeper into one of the booths and found it. Justin and I laughed that I should have told him sooner, or maybe say I'm looking for a million dollars?? but I digress...

The mirror in the upper left was actually a very dark brown, and I took a little gold paint and dry brushed it over the whole frame. I have to admit half way through I had a panic attack wondering if I was just painting over a priceless antique and ruined the value. It happens on Antiques roadshow all the time. But at that point I was committed so I finished the project, and I love how it turned out.

I hope all of you enjoyed your Holidays as much as we did. I'm definately enjoying the fruits of my holiday shopping. Happy New year, and I hope this year is filled with great blessing and brave spirits for what God has instore.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Visiting Memere and Pepere

Mem made these bunnie hats for Kenron and Axel. I will get a picture of both of them wearing them - they are too cute for words!

Mem snuggled Axel like he was never snuggled before :) hehe

Auntie Susan showed Kenron all around the apartment.

And Ron read to us from the Farmer's Almanac - I laugh out loud everytime I see this picture. Ron reading is hysterical, and the fact that Mat is the only one paying attention is classic.

I hate that we only had a short time to see them. You Tremblay's better come down and see us soon! We have plenty of room for you! We miss you a lot.

The Tremblay Man Cave....

Axel and Pepere having quite a conversation.

Kenron got to play with all the boys "old toys" - Kenron was never bored.

There were Cars, and Men, and trucks, and horses and castles and everything in between. AND an Uncle David to play with :)

Those of us who know Mat... well enough said. He, Noah and David had a grand time playing together on their computers.

I want you to know Ron informed me over the phone he doesnt offer to change diapers... however, I found this scene as I rounded the corner one day. I almost fell over dead. What a Pepere! He didnt even have to ask where diapers or wipes were - he just took the initiative and took one for the team!

Axel had some pretty great naps while we were gone, but this one was the best :)

We had a great time at the Tremblay man cave. All the guys were never bored, we ate well, and I got to have some wonderful relaxing days. AND *drum roll please* I didn't have to clean the toilets this time. Yes thank you Tremblay men for hosting us for the New Year, we can't wait to see you in February.

Kenron's first snowman

Kenron's first snowman, built by Daddy and Uncle Bub...

watch the video - Hilarity ensues.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kenron's first time sliding

The boys took it around the house for a test drive first..

Axel's face is crakin' me up

Then we took it outside for the first maiden voyage!

Yaya took it for a spin...

Axel got in on the action, but didn't seem to impressed :)

Thanks Pawpaw for buying us a sled!!

Why didnt we take a family picture?

I guess we were having too much fun Christmas morning...

Kenron got lots of cars from yaya and pawpaw, (his favorite thing at the moment)

Axel got lots of attention (his favorite thing at the moment)

lots of love and kisses to spare

and lots and LOTS of laughs.

We had a great Christmas all together, lots of good food, and relaxing.