Friday, May 23, 2008

our grunty bear

he does this a lot it cracks me and Mat up !!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

One Month Old...

How the heck did this happen? When did my little bean turn one month old? Well even though I'm trying not to think about how sad that makes me.. he made up for it and let me play dress up with him...


It literally hurts me how cute he is.. love you sugar bear.

hanging with the baby..

Here is a video I took after he was done eating.. he was just so cute with just his little diaper on.. He's such a grunty little bear.

Sorry again its so dark, I'll work on it :)

AND the very last picture on the "Kenron's First Month" album (to the right) is a video.. He does my favorite face. He puckers up his lips so they are teeny tiny.. so cute.. at the end Mat says "I'm not just some piece of Meat mom.." you cant hear it on the video.. but thats why I laugh and say.. your daddy is so silly.

Eatin' With Daddy...

Last week on Thursday we decided to try and see if Kenron would take a bottle. In case I haven't mentioned it.. this kid is really a good baby.. SOOO, I didnt think it would be a big deal.. and guess what, it wasnt. Kenron did great!! Mat got to feed him for the first time while we were watching "The Office" Season finale.. thats why you hear Mat laughing in the video.

PS. Sorry the video is so dark.. its wasnt untill I transfered it off the camera.. I'll try and do better next time. :)

balding beauty...

Nope, its not glare from the light.. that is our little baby's receeding hair line. hehehe.. its so funny to me that its receeding.. not falling out all over. poor guy.. I wonder what it will grow back as??? blonde? curly? dark? we'll have to wait and see!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Kenron, Thank you for giving me such a HAPPY Mother's Day. I've had some pretty sad, and bitter ones lately. You give my heart such Joy I feel like it will burst sometimes. Thank you for coming into our lives, your daddy and I love you too much.
I thank God for you all the time.
I love you Sugar Bear.

Look what I can do..

This is Kenron dead asleep, he's trying to nurse my shirt.. then goes back to sleep.. what a funny kid.

Dear Ya-ya...

We sure do miss you..
Dad stayed home with us this week.. and frankly its just not the same.
Mom has had to make her own breakfast, and there isnt any coffe already made when she gets up. Dad isnt as eager to change a poopy diaper as you were. I peed in mom's hair last night. My double chin is doubling in size.. is awesome.

Dad got his Battlestar Galactica Movies in the mail finally so we are catching up.. but we miss watching them with you.. The Captain is still alive.. but the old Cylons got on to the ship! we dont know what is going to happen next cause Mom had to take a shower. Dad is watching Pink Panther on the New Cable right now :)

So tell Paw-paw to hurry up and get turkey season out of his system to he can start missing me and think about moving to OK.

love Kenron

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kenron meets Ya-ya and Paw-pa

Our new little family...
Jean took this one I love it!

We got an A+ from the lactation lady! She said "Well you can't improve on perfection!" Way to go Kenron! I have to say though I prayed a lot while I was pregnant that Kenron and I would be good at it so, Thank you God!

Hooray!! they finally got their hands on you!!! They loved you before you were even here. Let the spoiling begin!

Your Ya-ya and Paw-pa waited a long time for this, we all have!!
Welcome home kiddo!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

My Visitors...

Grancy Jean and Shannon are so excited to meet you! Onawa and Evey brought Aunti Shan to see you but they had to wait till the next day because you were in the nursery. Deanna came too but had to wait. Mat's blue lips are in honor of Melissa's visit and the gum she brought. Mark came to snuggle and pray over you. Grandy Lee came to hold you BEFORE grancie Jean got to. Monte and Monema came to see you and pray for you. Melanie and Rachel and Luke also came but mom didn't get a picture. And your great aunti Kim and Uncle Dan and cousin Katie came to see you.

Here's HERE!!

I'll post the longer version of why I had Kenron early, later. Here's the story once we got to the hospital... I called my mom, jean, and onawa to let them know. Jean came to the hospital early, and Lee brought Pam and Mark to visit before I went in to have him.

The surgery was scheduled for 5:00 but someone needed the room before I did, so we didnt go into closer to 6:00 and he came out at 6:23pm

Here's Mat and Dr. M. Mat is slouching so he doesnt tower over him .. hehe

Here he is! 6.8lbs, 18.5" Welcome to the world sugar bear!

Our new little family

My first time getting to hold him.

He had a little trouble breathing too fast. So he had to go to the transition nursery for a few hours till he was breathing normal. They said it was not a big deal, but when I woke up at almost midnight I was really missing him, so I called the nurse and checked to see if he was coming, and he was on his way! We got to try out breastfeeding when he got to the room and he was a champ!

He's so cute, we just keep staring at him all day. We love you Kenron, too much!!