Friday, February 29, 2008

Oh how I wish...

I had the balls to do this.

Some of you know the youngest Bladyka boy, this is his arm. This seriously makes me want to get another tatoo. But until all babies are born, I will wait.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

quick update

Dr's appointment went fine. Baby's great, we will have an ultrasound in 3 weeks

Mat is fine they re-checked his blood pressure this morning, MUCH better.

I have a runny nose.. from matthew.

The foundation guys have actually come and put piers under the house to level it out. So I'm being serenaded by latino/polka music from outside while they fill in the holes :)

Best news of all - Landlord says we will have NEW CARPET before the baby is here!
No more cigarette burnes and questionable stains!

This week I have become VERY tired. oh yes third trimester...I remember that.

Monday, February 25, 2008

29 weeks

Here I am...(Rock you like a Hurricane)

Well this week is busy. Tuesday I have a baby appointment, but I think its a boring one, no ultrasound. Kenron has been a busy bee. All last week when we werent feeling good he was just happy as a clam moving around all the time.

Last night Mat and I watched the Oscars and he got to feel the baby moving all around. Its cool now cause you can feel his little foot, a hard spot then feel him kick! AND we can feel his whole arm or leg move across my belly. I never really knew which part was which with the boys. So this has been fun. He's still flipping all around so I dont know what I'm specifically feeling.. arm or leg.. but you can feel its a limb. Last night I was laying down and I think Kenron was head down because he had the hiccups.. and it was shaking everything between my hips.

Also, I think Kenron really likes drums. When the drums are good at church he starts moving around. And when its an action part of a movie (So the music is loud and exciting) he starts moving a bunch.

I'm getting really excited to meet this little guy.

My Peanutbutter Bananna Bread

Well since we werent feeling great the banannas weren't getting eaten.. so I decided to make bananna bread before they went totally bad.. SHUCKS! Mat said "hmm I wonder if you can make peanut butter bananna bread... mmmm.. cause peanutbutter and banannas are pretty good together.." I thought about it and figured why not!

So I made up the recipe.. pretty much followed the Betty Crocker book and then added some extra peanut butter. I sprinkled brown sugar over the top. It came out of the oven BEAUTIFUL... I was so good I even heated up some peanut butter and drizzled it over the top. That is the picture you see above.

Oh I forgot to tell you :) hehe... I had showered for the party and had the shirt on I wanted to wear.. but just had some shorts on the bottom, plus my "belly band" this big piece of cotton/spandex that covers your belly and helps hold your pants up. Well as I started baking I realized I was going to get my shirt dirty so I just took it off. So I just have my dolly parton bra and shorts on held up with this big belly band. Well Mat walks in saying (in his tremblay man way) "You makin' something good for me baby?" and I just turn around and start laughing.. and he says.. what are you doin? what happened to your clothes. And as I tried to explain he just rolls his eyes and says.. my wife. hehe

So ANYWAY.. when the bread was done I (put my shirt back on) brought my Magnificent bread that I had made for Mat into the office... and Mat was sleeping on the futon. bummer... oh well it will still be here when he wakes up. So I finish getting myself ready and Mat wakes up and I say.. "Go look what I made you!" and I hear from the kitchen.."Why does it have a hole in the middle?" huh?? yup.. this is what happened...

Haha.. oh well we laughed about it. It still tastes good. good old murphy's law just had to keep me humble ;)

Josh and Tiffany's Going away party.

Well Mat FINALLY woke up without his fever on Saturday so we decided since we were feeling better we could go to Josh and Tiffany's going away party.

We had a lot of fun. Everybody brought good food and we had good laughs. It was the first time we've been to Brandon and Shanna's house and it was wonderful. I'm jealous of their back porch, and the view.

The boys played the Wii.
Onawa and Evey :) poor Evey I blinded her with my flash.

Kyle and our buddy Luke.

Here's Onawa, Evey, Shanna, and Peyton :)

And here is our friends Tiffany, Peyton and Josh.

We are going to miss this guys a lot, but we are really excited for them to be closer to home, and working for the Lord.

Friday, February 22, 2008

UUHHHHHGGGG....cough, hack...cough....

oh yes that's right the Plague has descended on our house.

Friday - Mat had a tickle in his throat.
Saturday - he didnt feel good.. but we helped Andrew and Natasha move - in the rain
Sunday - he woke up with a fever - and progressively got worse
Monday - (supposed to be our V-day) He's still sick Coughing, sore throat, fever.
Tuesday - his coughs are wet.. and I'm starting to feel bad
Wednesday - (Mat's Birthday) we finally go to the dr. cause there is no point in me getting any more sick. Dr says we have strep or broncitis. Mat has a wicked fever and his blood pressure was through the roof. poor baby, he was REALLY sick. Happy Birthday bird :(
Thursday - we had high hopes after starting anti biotics and taking more meds we would feel better.. but no still sick
Friday. - Mat STILL wakes up with a fever, and calls into work again. He felt so bad because he's been saving up days to take off when Kenron gets here... but I told him, you didnt do this on purpose, you can't help being sick, and they dont want you there if you are sick. We've got 9 weeks to gets some more time saved up.

So.. this has been good practice for me at motherhood. I dont feel good, but I dont have the crazy fever and runny nose. So I've been going shopping for food, gatorade, and meds. Making sure Mat is drinking enough fluids.. and not sleeping well, because Mat is not sleeping well (coughing and hacking in my face.. thats just true love for you :) hehe) Poor baby. But it was good for me to have a reality check, and my mother is constantly gaining brownie points from my childhood the more I "grow up", understand and appreciate the things she did. :) (love you mom)

Good news is Kenron has been great. Kicking and moving around like a champ. And Mat and I said we've both really enjoyed our little sick vacation. We've just been catching up on movies and chillin on the couches together. Mat is understanding now my love/hate relationship with daytime television. hehe we had a long debate.. at the TV about it last night. Dont get me started. Down here in OK, they cover EVERYTHING during the day.. and 90% of the time the "breaking news" is nothing.. so you have watched 10 minutes (or more) of "live" crap when you could have been watching your show you WANTED to watch.. and they could have given us a two minute update in their afternoon or evening news... anyway that's the gist of it.. I told you, dont get me started :)

Ok really.. Mat promised me a date night once the "black lung" has left the premises. So I will make you a promise to bring a camera and have good pictures. Also I have another appointment next week.. but I dont think its a fun one.. and Mat has another appointment wed. to double check his blood pressure since it was so bad. We all think it's just cause he was sick, but better to be safe than sorry!
see you next time!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I updated my little pregnancy ticker on the right to Kenron's exact birthday. Do you see what it says.... 10 weeks left! yikes! hehe I'm getting excited and a smidge overwhelmed at how much I still have to do.

I'm in my 3rd Trimester????

HOLY SMOKES! when did that happen!

These last two weeks were filled with stretching and moving.

Moving: The office around, and putting the futon in there instead of the baby's room.
- The baby room around, and I bought some fabric covered baskets to hold MORE baby stuff, so that was also moved around.

Stretching: My skin. My muscles. This kid is going through a growth spurt.

I've gained 15lbs so far, I'm pretty proud of that.. although new and itchy stretchmarks keep fogging my pride :)

Happy Valentines day to all of you! Mat and I are celebrating on monday (his day off) so I should have some more new pics of the belly.. and me a bit more dressed up than I am today :)

Also Mat's birthday is next week.. he will no longer be able to call me an old lady till July because he will be the same age as me.. good old 25.

I promise a more interesting post next week :) have a good one!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Kenron Pictures!! 26 weeks

Here he is!! somebody looks like his brother :) He's snuggling my belly (the round blob on the left) facing straight on.

Have you seen this sweet face before? This is Isaac

This is Kenron (posing, resting his face on his hand) SO CUTE!

This is his hands.. his left hand in the middle with his long fingers pointing to the left... his other hand is at the top of the pic, you can see the tips of his fingers.

this is his left foot, pointing up (coming out from the bottom of the pic.)

This is a side profile, he's looking to the left...(his nose is in the middle of the picture)

He weighs over two pounds now! The doctor and nurse kept saying "perfect". Perfect brain, perfect heart, perfect kidneys, perfect bladder... it was wonderful to see all those things in their proper place. He has gotten so big since the last time we saw him! The email updates I get say he's now the size of a 2 liter bottle.. I believe it!

Some lady in the nursery at church asked me (if front of 5 other ladies) are you having braxton hicks right now?? cause your belly looks like its tightening up! I said "uhh no, thats just me talking.. I'm full of baby" what a goofball. It was pretty funny. It made me think of when I was pregnant with the twins, and Morgan (Marvin) said "your belly looks like santa when you laugh!" hehe thanks marvin.

I'm getting tiny stretch marks at the tips of my old stretch marks.. it looks like my silvery lines have pink tips.. and of course they are coming UP.. UP more towards my boobs trying to touch my ribs... If I ever was under the impression that I could wear a bikini after all this I was brought back to reality after seeing THAT. Although I read something today that made me feel really good. I read in one of those articles the "reality of post baby bodies"... that sometimes your stomach muscles can get stretched beyond the point of "snapping back". and yes that made me feel better. I think we can all agree that my poor muscles have been stretched beyond the limit of posing for any pictures in a mid-drift anything.

Exibit A:

Pictures coming.. I promise

for those of you anxiously awaiting the new beautiful pics of Kenron, I'm desperately trying to get this dumb scanner working. Unfortunately it has gone beyond my point of intelligence and I am in need of my darling husband to come and save the day.

Oh boy, He is really cute though :) hehe, You wont be able to stand it!

For some entertainment till then:

This is a music video made because he was inspired by the speech Barack Obama made at the NH Primary.

This is not a political plug from me, I guess its more of an artist appreciating another persons interpretation of words that inspired him. I think its really interesting. Hope you enjoy!

I will get those ultrasound pics up asap! I promise.