Tuesday, November 17, 2009

update on Kenron

Kenron has been a little Parrot lately, repeating the things we say - Here he is saying "oops, oops" then he says "Its overflowing! Its Over flowing" (sounds like "going, going") Then he finds his star, and starts to sing his version of twinkle twinkle which sounds like "up-ah star, up-ah star"

He has been getting more emotional about things. If he's happy he's REALLY happy, and if he's annoyed he's REALLY annoyed, and when he's excited he's REALLY excited. This video is him watching the previews before Curious George - I bet you'll know exactly when George shows up :)

Kenron has been willing to help me a lot lately. So I let him help me make the cornbread for small group on sunday. I'm sure food network will be calling anyday now :)

Guess who climbed out of his crib this morning...

We'll see if this becomes a habit... oiy.

Monday, November 16, 2009

My "little snack machine"

Here is Axel at 6 weeks old...

He's started smiling and cooing - Oh its just the BEST!

Eat your heart out Martha Stewart...

Ok so a few years ago when my college friends threw me a bridal shower I got recipes from them, and I requested a specific cookie recipe from my friend Sunny.

To my delight she was more than gracious enough to share it with me. The secret is one of the ingredients is a package of instant pudding.

Now if you looked in the baking isle lately you will see that Jello has a "seasonal pumpkin spice" pudding out at the moment. When I saw this I was INSTANTLY inspired to make some cookies.

SO, I tried it out - using the pudding, adding pumpkin puree, a few more spices, and replacing butterscotch chips for some of the chocolate chips...

And Holy smokes are they GOOD!! - So good infact that I decided to share them for a bake sale our friends from church were having.

I got little baggies and tags and put it all together..

Two cookies per bag, and a little golden leaf

I think I should start a bakery dont you?

These cookies were a HUGE HIT!! I was so very UN-humble when it came to taking credit and let everyone know how proud I was that it was MY recipe I made up. Really I owe it all to Sunny's generosity.

So thanks Sunny, you are truly the BEST!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Thanks to Auntie Shan-Shan we have Fall Photos!

Coming to a Mail Box near you!