Monday, August 2, 2010

Grammie came to visit

Grammie Cross came to visit us in mid June. We had lots of fun playing puzzles, watching toy story 2, eating good food, doing puzzles, drinking coffee, visiting and lots more puzzles
Kenron called her "Gwammie" it was so cute. We actually got to hang out with Grammie a little longer than planned....
The morning she was supposed to leave was the weirdest rain downpour we've EVER HAD. (This is Mat trimming the tree between down pours.)

Our internet was out, our Dish wasn't coming in, and all we could hear on the radio was that people were parked on the highways we were supposed to be driving on for hours, and there was intersections underwater - there was a "water rescue" a few streets away from us. I had no idea what was going on. This is some of what we saw when we finally got the tv signal coming in! Our entire back yard had been underwater, so a couple days later I ventured out to clean up the mud - the boys were more than happy to play while I shoveled the mud up off the pathways. Axel's onsie he wore was totally ruined. Oklahoma dirt is weird. We were able to bring Grammie to meet Trisha half way later that night. We had a really fun time getting to visit with her and we cant wait to see her and Bucca in October when they come back!

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