Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Axel is almost 9 months old

I am behind. This month has been pretty nuts.
I'd like to blame it on exibit: A
I'd like to blame it on the fact that he started crawling last month. But honestly that made things easier, so I took on more projects - like painting the kitchen, which ended up taking over a month from start to finish because Axel and Kenron got ear infections, and Axel's came back again. So between teething and ear infections - Axel needed lots of mommy time.
But most of the time now he is perfectly content crawling around on the floor. In a matter of days he figured out how to crawl off the carpet. Then into the kitchen and back. Then all the way into our bedroom on the other side of the house. There is no where you can hide from the Axel man.
He wore this outfit for jammies for a few weeks. My dad bought this for him at Christmas. He is definately busting out of it now. This kid is currently 23 lbs and 29.5" - He is in the 90% for everything (head, weight, height).
He also wants to play with whatever Kenron is playing with. I think its a combo of "That's where Kenron is and since I love him I want to be right next to him/ What is he paying attention to? It must be cool enough for me to chew on it..."

He is pulling up on EVERYTHING
Drinking Milk from his sippy cup and getting pretty good at holding it.
He has almost mastered the fine art of "finger foods"
And he is moving..

Axel is still such a happy baby. Its contagious. We are loving watching him grow - at warp speed - and manuver through life as a crawling baby. Kenron is the best older brother - He is a great helper, always finding a passy, or grabbing a diaper for us. He's always very conscious of where Axel is, and if he's crying. This picture is from yesterday: I was feeding Axel and when I got up to check on the macaroni I was making, I came back to find Kenron picked up where I left off.
I'm enjoying every second that they are so loving to each other, because I'm sure that will wear off sooner than I'd like. I really do hate how fast its flying by, so I'm trying to slow down and enjoy it all while I can. We love you Axel! I can't believe your going to be 9 months old next week.

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T. L. Cole said...

Love the pics and your commentary on them! They are too cute, especially Kenron feeding Axel : )