Thursday, June 24, 2010

Boys in May

May actually started with me having my gallbladder taken out
This was a joyous event for two reasons: My gallbladder is what (the dr thinks) causes my itchy skin when I'm pregnant, so hopefully that wont be an issue the next time I'm pregnant.
And the second is I got to have a week where I got to sit in bed and do nothing because Mat was super dad and took care of all of us! Grancie Jean came the first night to lend an extra hand.
Kenron has been cracking us up. He's also infuriating at times because we have certainly entered "the terrible twos". But really its only when he's extra tired, hungry or both. And frankly wouldnt we all like to throw a fit when your hungry and things aren't going our way?
Kenron has what can only be described as "Puzzle Mania". This child could play puzzles (or just one puzzle) for hours a day.
So when I found these puzzles at a yard sale I scooped them up - for 25 cents each!! I was tired of doing the same puzzle for hours a day :)
Daddy and Kenron matched one sunday..
Me and the boys on Mother's Day - 5 days after surgery
Kenron found a love of doughnuts on our trip to florida - but you can see he has a unique way of eating them.
Axel rooney bear

Kenron has been using his imagination lately. This is his ruler/flute. He's also been adding the plural to things: Where the carses is? = Where are my cars? Where the bookses is? etc. He's pretty funny.

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ann said...

Too much cuteness. I love the photo with Jean.